#MyIdeal – Cotopaxi Designs Outdoor Gear with a Social Mission

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Davis Smith always wanted to make a difference. He loves the outdoors and going on adventures, but he really loves helping people. That’s why he launched Cotopaxi with a double mission: to help connect people with their love of outdoor sports and to improve the world through social good. “I think everybody needs to find what their passions […]

Healthy Donut Recipe: Blueberry Protein Donuts


Last week’s Carrot Cake Protein Cupcakes were so unbelievably good we couldn’t resist another healthy baked treat: Blueberry Protein Donuts. We love adding protein to our treats because it’s nutritious and filling, so you can get away with having just one. A healthy donut that happens to be delicious? Let’s just say, they’re so good that when Lizzy […]

Guess Who’s Joining IdealShape as Team Nutritionist?

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It’s official. Fitness guru Lindsey Mathews is IdealShape’s new fat loss nutrition and exercise guide! Over the past decade, Lindsey has helped hundreds of people lose weight and build muscle. She’ll be creating brand-new exercise and nutrition plans to help IdealShape customers achieve your fat loss goals — in a way that’s fun, fast and long-lasting. She’ll also be […]

Always Take This With You When Shopping

shopping hunger trap

Crazy how quickly an everyday shopping trip can derail our fat loss goals. Tell me if this sounds familiar… you pop out on a Saturday morning to run a few errands — do the grocery shopping, get the oil changed, make a quick stop at Home Depot. Next thing you know, your “quick” shopping trip has […]

#MyIdeal – Lindsey Mathews, Figure Competitor & Mom of 3

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No “Barbie weights” for this girl! Lindsey Mathews — a wife, mother of three kids and certified fitness trainer — started competing in figure competitions four years ago and never looked back. Lindsey loves sculpting her #ideal body by lifting heavy weights. “The thing I love about competing in figure is that your body is like a […]

Protein Shake Recipe: Carrot Cake Protein Cupcakes


Bet you didn’t know you could bake with IdealShake! Check out this yummy way to have fun with your protein weight loss shake. Recipe: 1 cup oat flour 2 scoops vanilla IdealShake 2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp nutmeg 2 tbs flaxseeds 1/2 tbs vanilla extract 4 egg whites 8 oz jar carrot baby […]

Warning: These Popular Drinks Could Make You Gain a Pound a Week!


It happens all the time: people are guzzling themselves toward fat gain and don’t even realize it. You see, unlike food calories, “beverage calories” slip under the radar. Deceptive labeling practices don’t help, either. Two servings per can? 2.5 servings per bottle? Yeah right. Have you been baffled about why you’re not reaching your fat […]

Beware: Poor Sleep Triggers Cravings!


That guy in Iowa who attacked a vending machine with a forklift to get his Twix fix? Some days, I can relate. Have you ever wondered why sometimes cravings just seem out of control? You’ve managed to get your diet in tip-top shape… and then one day you’re driving to work and a greasy breakfast sandwich sounds mouthwatering. At the […]