New Study: Soda Makes You Age Faster

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Think bacon burgers and pasta are your worst enemies in the fight against fat? Think again. The CDC reports that America’s increased consumption of added sugars is one of the biggest culprits behind the mass increase in body weight. While there’s added sugar in all kinds of processed foods, the fact is, sodas and energy […]

Nutrition Challenge For Week #7: Plan Your Meals Like a Boss!


Following a meal plan and preparing your food in advance is actually one of the simplest ways to overhaul your nutrition while maintaining your sanity. Just think: no more thinking about what to eat. No more staring into the cupboard in the middle of the afternoon, starving, desperate for something to jump out at you. […]

How David Palmer Got His “20s Body” Back! – #MyIdeal


When David Palmer started out in the Air Force, he was in awesome shape. But over the years, his job required increasing amounts of desk time and sitting in an airplane for 10-hour stretches. “I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be,” he says. “I wanted to get back to where I was when […]

Nutrition Challenge For Week #6: Drink More Water


Dehydration will thwart your fat loss goals faster than you can say “I’ll have an iced tea.” So this week we need to talk about how to make sure you’re drinking enough water. If you’ve missed any of the previous weekly challenges, you can get them all here. Each challenge will dramatically speed up your fitness results, so […]

5 Foods to Avoid Before a Workout


Getting nutrients into your body before a workout is important in order to perform at your best. Your body needs nutrients such as carbohydrates for energy. In fact, you should be getting about a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein before your workout and very little fat. Even though a pre-workout meal should be an […]

“I Lost 81 Pounds for My Son, My Sister and Myself” – Christine’s #MyIdeal Story


Christine was always the heaviest kid in her class, and when she became pregnant at 19, her weight challenge got worse. Eating away from home and eating whatever she wanted to, she gained 50 pounds before giving birth to her son. Despite being a young mother in her twenties, Christine had trouble keeping up with […]

Nutrition Challenge For Week #5: Count Calories (the Pain-Free Way)


Hey, it’s Lindsey, and we’re up to the fifth Weekly Nutrition Challenge! I promise that by the end of this 12-week series (and probably a lot sooner) you’re going to look and feel amazing. So far we’ve talked about how to eat five meals a day, what to eat for breakfast, what to eat before and after exercise and why a cheat […]