Why a Meal Replacement Shake Prevents Diet Chaos


When it comes to eating for fat loss, we believe in “K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple and Sustainable). A meal replacement shake is one of the best ways to do it. Here’s why. There’s no way around it: biting off more than we can chew (forgive the pun) causes us to choke. We freeze up mentally […]

Jenny Grothe’s Total Body Transformation was Built on Oatmeal! – #MyIdeal


Jenny Grothe has a remarkable transformation story — and it has a lot to do with oatmeal. At age 37, it hit her: she was now that person, the one who people were worried about. She was 170 pounds, and the weight had snuck up over the years. Work, motherhood, eating unhealthy and not exercising […]

Three Easy, Fat-Blasting Breakfasts

Strawberry Shake

“I don’t have time for breakfast in the morning.” “I’m not hungry when I wake up.” “I want to save my calories for later.” There are many reasons to skip breakfast… but the truth is, there are more reasons NOT to. You can diet and exercise all day long, but missing your morning meal will […]

Power Combo: Green Tea and Caffeine for Weight Loss

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There’s a reason IdealBoost contains both green tea and caffeine for weight loss. Green tea naturally contains a small amount of caffeine, but adding extra caffeine to the mix has been shown to powerfully improve metabolism… and we’re not ones to let research go to waste! In an investigation done by Maastricht University in the Netherlands, they studied the […]

What Disability? Weight Lifter Rocky Mortensen Rocks His Ideal – #MyIdeal

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Rocky Mortensen was born with a condition that compacted his limbs. His arms and legs are much shorter than average — a disability that most people would take as a great excuse to write off exercise. But Rocky loves proving people wrong. His belief: you can look at an exercise or diet program and say it’s […]

Avoid This 500-Calorie Restaurant Trap

waiter holding silver tray with soda

500 un-filling calories… coming right up! Trying to fight against soda upselling tactics (“$1 any size”) and servers’ soda refilling skills (they’re like ninjas!) is futile. It’s like restaurants want us to be fat. Just picture the last time you went out to eat. It likely took a while to be seated and place your order. […]