5 Summer Inspired IdealBoost Recipes


Frozen Raspberry Lemonade 1 stick pack Raspberry Citrus IdealBoost 1 cup water 1 cup raspberries About 2-3 cups of ice (more or less for desired consistency) Blend all ingredients and enjoy!   Tropical “Detox” Punch 1 Stick Pack Tropical Punch IdealBoost 2 cups water 1 cup desired tropical fruit (i.e. pineapple, watermelon, mango, cantaloupe, grapes, […]

Conquering Summer Diet Sabotage


It’s always exciting to get together with friends and family whether it’s going out for a night of fun, getting together for a barbecue (happy, almost, Fourth of July!) or having a movie night. Unfortunately many of our favorite, fun events seem to revolve around food. Even worse is when friends and family pressure us […]

How This Bride-to-Be Lost 30 Lbs, Just in Time!


Nicole Starling wasn’t a fan of breakfast. The 32-year-old North Carolina teacher used to get “stage fright” before class, so she usually just skipped the morning meal. It could have been this bad breakfast habit that caused her to put on weight. Or maybe it was the slowing metabolism that comes with adulthood. Whatever the reason, after she turned […]

5 Tips To Stay Motivated


We all know that the first 30 days of any fitness program are going to be the hardest. It seems that when most people start a new workout or routine, a whole list of things come up that stand in their way. Today we are going to help you with five tips to stay motivated toward your goal […]

5 Kettlebell Movements That Burn Fat


Kettlebells have been used for centuries as an exercise tool. They are great for building strength and endurance, plus certain movements that utilize them can really get your heart rate up. Today we are going to go over 5 of these movements that you can use in your workouts to get your heart rate up […]

The Strange Reason We Get “Snack Attacks” at Night

A young woman lying on her couch drinking tea

One of the biggest areas of weakness for people who are trying to lose weight is the constant grazing and snacking at night. It’s a hard one to fight, but it might not be a willpower issue. New research suggests that it’s all in your head. According to a recent study conducted at Brigham Young University, […]