5 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout


These days it seems like everyone is busy, all the time. Which means, if we let busyness become an excuse to skip exercise we would never workout! Here are five clever ways to fit a workout into your schedule. The Early Bird Gets the Workout Afternoons and evening can get pretty crazy. You have to […]

4 Steps to Keeping Your Routine on Target


Back to school means back to chaotic mornings, running the kids to and from extracurricular activities and helping with homework. And even if you don’t have kids (or maybe you’re an empty nester like me) back-to-school still feels like the end of the lazy days of summer. It can be really easy to let your […]

Get Schooled on How to Snack Smart!


Thoughtfully planned snack time is essential to hunger control and weight loss. Which is why snack time is honestly, my favorite meal of the day. Even though pudding packs and chips might have been your snack time go-to in kindergarten, these sugary, fatty snacks aren’t making the grade. Today I’m going to school you on […]

Caroline Rocked the Challenge – Check This Out!

Caroline After sm

When Caroline Williams found the IdealShape Up Challenge on Facebook, she was READY to make a change. The 25-year-old mother of two had grown up with scoliosis and a joint disease, and at one point her doctor warned her that if she didn’t keep her health in order, she could end up in a wheelchair. […]

Conquering Self-Sabotage


Do you find yourself giving up on your weight loss goals because you don’t look the way you want in that bathing suit? Do you binge at the barbeque because, at that moment, you decide that third plate of food is more important than reaching your ideal shape? You’re probably suffering from weight loss sabotage. […]

4 Tips for Staying Hydrated

Gym woman drinking water

Summer is all fun and games until somebody gets dehydrated! Staying hydrated isn’t just a nice nutrition goal to have it’s essential for good health. Minor dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue while severe dehydration can lead to kidney failure and can even be fatal. On top of that dehydration can really hold you […]

Against All Odds This Couple Lost 130 Lbs Together


“I have always been overweight,” Kerry Pilgrim says. “At some point, I just accepted that I would always be big and there was nothing I could do to change that.” But in September of 2014, she changed her thinking. “After years of being unhappy with my weight, I decided it was time to change my […]