Your Complete Easter Basket Survival Guide


Nothing against jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps (except that they’re full of sugar, empty calories and artificial dyes). It’s just that if we’re going to achieve our ideal shape — by swimsuit season, no less — we need to approach Easter with caution! When it comes to holidays, Easter rivals Halloween in terms of a […]

How Your Brain Reacts to Too Many or Too Few Calories

Studio shot of hungry woman on yellow background

Weight loss and weight gain aren’t controlled by your stomach; they’re controlled by your brain, so it’s important to know how your brain reacts to the number of calories (high or low) that you’re eating. Your neurological system has set responses to every variation of your nutrient and calorie intake. Those responses are a systematic […]

“Good Pain”, “Bad Pain” and Exercise


Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is up. However, not all pain is “bad” pain. In fact feeling sore after a workout is very common and happens to most everyone no matter what his or her fitness level is. What is important though is being able to discern between good pain, which […]

4 Strategies to Help Your Family Eat Healthier

Family breakfast

We all want to help our family eat healthy foods. But have you ever noticed how describing the evils of junk food and jumbo-portions rarely causes them to change their eating behavior? If anything, it seems to make them MORE likely to order the bleu bacon cheeseburger with a side of smothered nachos. As the […]

Good Calories vs. Bad Calories

French fries with ketchup

  In my last post, I pointed out the common mistake of ignoring calories while trying to lose weight, and ending up with too many or (just as harmful) too few in your daily diet. But there’s more to tracking calories than number crunching. There are two things I hear far too often from people trying […]

5 Movements For A Stronger Back


The muscles of the upper and lower back are some of the most important and most overlooked muscles in our body. While we use these muscles basically every time we pick anything up, many individuals neglect to give them the attention they deserve during their workouts. Having a weak back will prevent you from reaching your body’s fullest potential. […]

The Best Times To Take Meal Replacement Shakes


Meal replacement shakes can be a great ally on your journey toward losing weight and living a healthier life. In fact they can help you reshape the way you look at food and weight loss all together. Weight loss is not just about reducing your calorie intake for a short period of time until you reach […]

Our 2013 Cruise Winner, Julie Nesbit, is Still Rocking Her #Ideal!


As the 2013 Ship Shape Challenge winner, Julie Nesbit lost 82 pounds, got a trip to Park City UT, and ultimately won $1,000 cash and a Caribbean Cruise for two! Not long ago, before her weight loss journey began, Julie used to feel invisible. She just wanted to be seen again. “When I was heavy and would see […]