Healthy Easter Basket Ideas


Nothing against jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps (except that they’re full of sugar, empty calories and artificial dyes)…it’s just that if we’re going to reach our health and fitness goals — by swimsuit season, no less — we need to approach the Easter candy spree with caution. When it comes to holidays, Easter rivals Halloween […]

Paleo Diets Exposed, Part 2

“To Paleo” or “Not to Paleo?” I’ve researched both the pros and cons of what some refer to as “Paleofantasies,” and generally speaking, I would have to cast my vote more with those on the con side. Last week in Paleo Diets Exposed, Part 1, I defined the Paleo Diet itself in more detail, while […]

5 Tips To Stay Motivated


We all know that the first 30 days of any fitness program are going to be the hardest. It seems that when most people start a new workout or routine, a whole list of things come up that stand in their way. Today we are going to help you with five tips to stay motivated toward your goal […]

IdealShape Announces New Partnership With Fulfilltopia


Streamlined fulfillment to bring lower shipping costs and faster delivery to customers Virginia Beach, VA Fulfilltopia, April 1, 2014— IdealShape announced today that it has partnered with fulfillment experts Fulfilltopia, part of “Inc’s Top 5000” companies in 2010. “After meeting with Fulfilltopia’s CEO Eric Brown, I realized we shared the same vision of excellent customer […]

Paleo Diets Exposed, Part 1

Paleo diets

There’s been a lot of controversy about the ‘Paleo Diet.’ I’ve heard some crazy stories ranging from people eating bark and dirt to ‘WOW, this is the BEST diet EVER!!’ I wanted to know more about the Paleo proposition, so I decided to investigate further. Get ready for Paleo Diets Exposed… This is the first […]