Nutrition Challenge for Week #2: “Own” Breakfast


Hey guys! Last week as part of the 12-Week IdealShape Up Challenge, you started splitting up your calories into five meals a day. This week you’ll be taking a closer look at the first and most important meal, breakfast, and making it amazing! According to a study released by Virginia Commonwealth University, breakfast is the most […]

How the Zimmermans Make Mountain Biking a Family Affair – #MyIdeal

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Leslie and Judd Zimmerman are passionate about mountain biking, and they’ve found a way to turn it into a family activity. “Balancing life and exercise is rough with three kids,” Leslie says. “If you find someone to work out with, to be active with, it’s so much easier.” The couple hits the trails together when […]

Samba Dancing with Fire? An Everyday Workout for This Girl – #MyIdeal

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Your daily workout doesn’t have to require sweaty gym clothes and kettle bells! Dancing with fire lets Christina Kilbane turn exercise into an art form. It all started when Christina went out on a limb and signed up for a Samba class, which is a Brazilian style of dance. Adjusting to a new life in […]

Are Your Weight Loss Goals Sustainable?

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Did you know that trying to do too much at the same time during weight loss could actually hinder your progress and prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals? In fact, when it comes to planning your weight loss sometimes less is more. This topic is usually aimed at those just starting out on […]

Muay Thai Fighter James Gagnon Strikes a Fitness Balance – #MyIdeal

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Working up a sweat every day isn’t easy, but it got easier for James Gagnon when he discovered Muay Thai fighting. “I would go to the regular gym and just sit on a stationary bike forever,” he says. “My body would get tired but my brain wouldn’t … so I started looking at other things […]

Our August Ship Shape Winner Just Bought Her First Bikini…at 40!

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Meet our August winner for the Ship Shape Contest: Kim Ratliff! Approaching her 40th birthday, Kim has achieved a goal that few of her peers can boast: she just bought her first bikini ever! This North Carolina mom of two kids (ages 11 and 5) and army wife of 19 years is now in the […]

3 Exercises To Improve Range Of Motion

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As we have mentioned before, flexibility is one of the three important components of fitness. Being able to move your muscles through their full range of motion will not only help you perform daily activities better, but you will also feel better and experience less pain due to tight areas of soft tissue. Actively stretching […]