5 Tips To Stay Motivated


We all know that the first 30 days of any fitness program are going to be the hardest. It seems that when most people start a new workout or routine, a whole list of things come up that stand in their way. Today we are going to help you with five tips to stay motivated toward your goal […]

Should You Exercise Before Bed?


Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at different correlations between sleep and exercise. This week we are going to look at sleep and exercise from a different angle to show how exercise before bed can affect your sleep habits. If you tend to exercise one or two hours before bed, read […]

Arm Workouts: 4 Fun Ways to Sculpt Your Arms


For most people, getting a lower body workout comes easier—you walk, run, cycle or climb stairs every day. It’s the strong and toned upper body you really have to work for. And who wants to spend evenings doing bicep curls and overhead presses in a stuffy gym? You need some fun arm workouts. The following […]

Are Your Workouts Sabotaging Your Diet?


Exercise and nutrition go together like peanut butter and jam. We need physical activity to complete our healthy lifestyle, and staying active motivates us to make other healthy choices. Or does it? Not always. According to a forthcoming study in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, sometimes our workouts actually cause us to choose […]

Take Your Plank Workout to the Next Level


The plank is a great exercise for building core strength and stability. Both of these are important for good posture and can give you a toned core once you’ve reached your weight loss goals. Many people struggle with proper form when it comes to the plank, which can diminish your results and increase risk of injury. […]

Top 3 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight


While there could be many reasons you aren’t losing weight, there are three that we see most often when the bulges won’t budge. Weight loss and living a healthy life take work, but when you feel like you’ve put in the “sweat and tears” and still aren’t seeing results, there could definitely be a missing piece to the […]

5 Female Fitness Myths Busted


The weight loss and fitness industry is full of myths and misconceptions about what it takes to lose weight and get healthy. Many of us may find ourselves falling prey to these myths simply because we don’t know they are myths. Because of this we have decided to put some of these fitness myths to […]

5 Foods to Avoid Before a Workout


Even though a pre-workout meal is an important part of achieving your fitness goals, there are some foods that you should try to avoid before your workout. Here we have listed five foods to avoid before a workout and the reason they should be avoided. Carbonated Drinks The last thing you want during a workout is to feel bloated […]

How the Zimmermans Make Mountain Biking a Family Affair – #MyIdeal

b_35A1720 2

Leslie and Judd Zimmerman are passionate about mountain biking, and they’ve found a way to turn it into a family activity. “Balancing life and exercise is rough with three kids,” Leslie says. “If you find someone to work out with, to be active with, it’s so much easier.” The couple hits the trails together when […]

Samba Dancing with Fire? An Everyday Workout for This Girl – #MyIdeal

b_35A1613 2

Your daily workout doesn’t have to require sweaty gym clothes and kettle bells! Dancing with fire lets Christina Kilbane turn exercise into an art form. It all started when Christina went out on a limb and signed up for a Samba class, which is a Brazilian style of dance. Adjusting to a new life in […]

Muay Thai Fighter James Gagnon Strikes a Fitness Balance – #MyIdeal

bJames_35A1225 2

Working up a sweat every day isn’t easy, but it got easier for James Gagnon when he discovered Muay Thai fighting. “I would go to the regular gym and just sit on a stationary bike forever,” he says. “My body would get tired but my brain wouldn’t … so I started looking at other things […]

3 Exercises To Improve Range Of Motion

Woman standing and stretching to touch toes

As we have mentioned before, flexibility is one of the three important components of fitness. Being able to move your muscles through their full range of motion will not only help you perform daily activities better, but you will also feel better and experience less pain due to tight areas of soft tissue. Actively stretching […]

This Marathoning Mama Has Some Fitness Advice for You! – #MyIdeal


After gaining 65 pounds with her first baby, Chandi Schwab was ready for a healthier lifestyle. “It was miserable — I just wasn’t myself,” she says. Five years and three more pregnancies later, Chandi has built a fitness regimen that can stand up to the challenges of being a busy wife and mother of four. […]

What Disability? Weight Lifter Rocky Mortensen Rocks His Ideal – #MyIdeal

b_35A6903 3

Rocky Mortensen was born with a condition that compacted his limbs. His arms and legs are much shorter than average — a disability that most people would take as a great excuse to write off exercise. But Rocky loves proving people wrong. His belief: you can look at an exercise or diet program and say it’s […]

43-Year-Old Zumba Hottie Desree Bennett – #MyIdeal


Exercise or party with your friends? Desree Bennett says, why not both? For someone who is natural people-person, Desree looked for a fun and social way to get in shape after she gained 60 pounds with her first baby. She tried a group fitness class and loved it — so much, in fact, that she […]

Strong muscles, strong mind: so lift up!


Have you noticed that after a great lifting session, everything rocks — YOU in particular? You feel confident, strong, steady and in control. I’ve certainly noticed this. I’ve also noticed that when I sit in the ol’ office chair all day, I feel flabby. Mentally. Emotionally. Willpower-ly. You want to overcharge me on my phone […]

How “Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence Did 30 Iron Distances in 1 Year – #MyIdeal

b_35A6053 2

Don’t tell James Lawrence there isn’t enough time in the day to exercise. James, aka the Iron Cowboy, says that’s the biggest excuse he hears from people who aren’t making an effort to reach their #ideal. His belief: “You have time for what you make time for.” Hey, James set two world records in endurance racing, including completing 30 full Iron […]

#MyIdeal – Cotopaxi Designs Outdoor Gear with a Social Mission

b_35A6745 3

Davis Smith always wanted to make a difference. He loves the outdoors and going on adventures, but he really loves helping people. That’s why he launched Cotopaxi with a double mission: to help connect people with their love of outdoor sports and to improve the world through social good. “I think everybody needs to find what their passions […]

Guess Who’s Joining IdealShape as Team Nutritionist?

Lindsey Mathews

It’s official. Fitness guru Lindsey Mathews is IdealShape’s new fat loss nutrition and exercise expert! Over the past decade, Lindsey has helped hundreds of people lose weight and build muscle. She’ll be creating brand-new exercise and nutrition plans to help IdealShape customers achieve your fat loss goals — in a way that’s fun, fast and long-lasting. She’ll also be […]

#MyIdeal – Why Kenzie Loves Dancing in *Her* Body

b_35A9532 2

As a dance teacher and choreographer, McKenzie knows how harsh the dance world can be on a person’s body image. She’s been dancing since age three, so she’s literally grown up in a room full of girls — where comparing body shape and size is almost unavoidable. From ballet to contemporary jazz, plus lots of […]

3 Things You Should Be Doing Post Workout to Reap Better Results


Exercise should be an important part of your weight loss plan and overall healthy living goals. However, many people forget how important a post workout routine can be to obtaining these goals. Today we are going to go over three things that are commonly forgotten after a workout and why you should be doing them […]

How #MyIdeal Power Couple Joe and Tina Semanoff Keep Each Other Motivated

_35A4898 4

A lot of us were involved in sports, cheerleading or dance in our teenage years… and then we grew up. Getting married, having kids, embarking on college and careers, it can all make physical fitness nothing more than a “former glory.” Joe and Tina Semanoff have found — or rather, CREATED — a way to keep the fitness flame […]

#MyIdeal Story – Why Kaytlin Neil Traded Pom-poms for Sparring Gloves

k_35A1060 bw

Kaytlin Neil is always redefining and pursuing her #ideal. She competed in cheerleading for 6 or 7 years growing up, and before that she did dance and gymnastics. In college, she started looking around for something new to stay motivated… and that’s when she found mixed martial arts, or MMA. It was love at first knockout! “It’s an awesome […]

Why This Month’s Challenge Winner, Linda, Deserves Three Cheers!


Linda Acosta is our newest winner of the IdealShape Up Challenge (workout contest) and our June winner of the IdealShape Weight Loss Challenge! Since embarking on the IdealShape Up Challenge last October, Linda has lost 36 pounds. But there’s more to her journey than that… In 2010, Linda suffered two ruptured discs in her lower back that put her in a […]

#MyIdeal – How the Sweat4Sweets Ladies Do It


Here are two women with a sensible approach to fitness! Ashley and Kristi are triathletes who have conquered that balance between exercise and eating what they love. They bike, run, swim and enjoy every minute of it… but give up their treats? No way! “We like to keep it real for people,” Ashley says. “Life is […]

Supplementing Your Weight Loss with Whey Protein

whey protein powder supplement

Whey protein is an important topic in the weight loss industry. Today we will be discussing how whey protein stacks up to other protein sources and how it can benefit you. Whey Protein vs. Other Protein Sources Whey Protein is the king of proteins when it comes to absorption and utilization by the body. In […]

Living #myideal – Darcie Warren’s Taking CrossFit by Storm

_35A2439 3

Darcie Warren is a: Regional Athlete, CrossFit trainer, Mother of 6! Growing up, she tried many different sports but never considered herself “good” at any of them. After having her sixth child, one of her running friends invited her to work out at CrossFit Hyperion. From the moment Darcie started, she was hooked. She quickly […]

5 Movements For Developing a Toned Core


Did you know that your core muscles are involved in basically every movement you do throughout the day? Even while you’re sitting, proper posture requires strong core muscles. Building a strong core is a must for improving your overall fitness level, avoiding pain, and let’s face it, ripped abs just look dang awesome! Despite doing […]

Why Is Post Workout Nutrition Crucial?


As we mentioned in last week’s post, the recovery phase after your workout can be just as important as the workout itself. Proper recovery can go a long way in helping you avoid injury and unwanted soreness. Getting on top of your nutrition is one great way that you can jump start the recovery process. […]

4 Ways to Overcome A Workout Plateau

Woman exercise with kettle bell - Crossfit workout

Don’t worry, it has happened to the best of us… you’ve been working out like crazy for a few weeks now and you probably have seen some good results. Now, you’re not losing weight nor are you getting the results you so desperately wanted. Sound familiar? You might even be in a workout rut doing […]

Post Workout Meal – Refueling Your Body

most workout meal

Last week we covered the importance of fueling your body with the nutrients it needs before working out. This week we are following up with what to look for in a post workout meal. The essentials are basically the same, your body needs nutrients to perform at its best and recover. So without further ado, […]

Stay Well: Tips for Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

You don’t have to go out of your way to stay healthy and fit during the holidays—embrace it as part of your regular routine. Below are some easy exercise and healthy lifestyle eating suggestions to incorporate into your seasonal schedule: Bring the Workout to Your Living Room Late nights at the office, holiday parties and […]

The 5 Worst Health Trends of 2013


Every year the health industry tries to reinvent the wheel–sometimes with results that improve our knowledge of our body and create sustainable weight loss… Then there are trends that have us scratching our heads… Like:   1 – “Drunkorexia” This one sounds almost too stupid to be true, but then again, a lot of the […]

Just Weighting Around for the Holidays to End


Last holiday season, Carla Meine shared her holiday weight loss story and we decided we would re-post it since it contains effective strategies for handling holiday party weight gain challenges. Enjoy! Last year, I was very excited to find that I had been successful with my goal of not gaining a single pound that holiday […]

Is Your Workout Buddy Holding You Back?


Conventional exercise wisdom says that we’ll be more motivated, accountable and stoked to exercise with a workout buddy. As my friend Gail says, walking with a friend is “just more fun.” But recently she complained that she and her friend have opposing work schedules now, and she’s started to fall off the fitness wagon. While […]

Getting Started on the IdealShape Up Challenge


We designed this challenge with one thing in mind:  to help the average individual work toward and achieve their fitness goals. You don’t need to be an elite athlete or train for hours a day to be able to join us in this challenge. However, you will have to dig deep, push yourself and stay […]

Tired of the Gym? Get Out and Hike!


Hike Smarter With These Essentials When you tire of working out in the gym or running on the treadmill, hiking your favorite trails is a great way to switch things up! Now that summer has come to a close and autumn is chilling the air, it is the perfect time to go for a hike. […]

3 Tips for Post Exercise


When you finish an intense workout, there are several steps that you can take that will make it so that you get the most out of your workout and limit muscle soreness. Let’s take a look at a few of these: 1.     Cool down After an intense workout usually my first instinct is to collapse […]

4 Tips to Creating Healthy Habits

Healthy Exercise Habits sxc.hu

I hate running.   There, I said it.   I would rather bike, swim, lift weights for hours, play any sport, or do pretty much anything else. Running has never been (and will likely never be) my thing. Yet, for the last month and a half, I have ran at least 2-3 miles almost every […]

How to Get Abs Fast

diet gimmicks

When it comes to losing weight, most of us focus on subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that congregates under the skin and is most visible. This is the stuff that’s hiding your six-pack from the world, so let’s talk about the quickest ways to expose those beautiful abs for the summer season.   Let’s […]

Is Your Workout A HIIT?


There are two types of people when it comes to muscle structure and workouts. There are those of us who do better with longer, slower workouts. Setting a nice, steady pace and holding it for as long as possible which trains the slow twitch muscles. These are the marathon runners out there. The other type […]

The Best Exercise Program: The Debate Stops Here


The other day I heard two people arguing, and given my curious nature, I decided to eavesdrop. (Shame on me!) When I realized what they were arguing about, I started to laugh. You see, the two had adopted competing fitness programs and were trying to convince each other theirs was the better program. We shouldn’t […]

Why We Hate Exercise And How to Fix it

Senior Workout - Hot and Tired

The Deep-Rooted Beliefs That Make You Hate Exercise Moving your body is essential if you want to get in shape. You might be able to ”drop a few pounds” without exercise, but what is that worth? If you want the whole shebang—the trim and toned physique, the energy, the lean muscle to burn calories, the […]

Liquid Gold: How to use water for Weight Loss


Dehydration is the enemy of every weight loss and fitness goal. And “beverages with benefits” usually are, too. So what’s the problem—why can’t we just drink more water already? Well, as always, there’s a complicated answer for this. Actually, there are four complicated answers: sugar dependence, consumerism, misinformation, and habit. Before we get into these, […]

Spring Fever

beautiful outdoor landscape in the countryside on a sunny day

Today I walked outside and for the first time in what has seemed like an eternity I didn’t feel the least bit cold. I even walked around in my bare feet! Yes, the snow was still on the ground but I could literally see it melting away. I could also feel the warm sun on my face […]

Muscle Soreness: After the Fact


We did an article about a week ago about muscle soreness and what you can do to help prevent it (well, at least lessen the impact as much as possible). Unfortunately muscle soreness isn’t ever completely avoidable. When exercising frequently, you’re going to wake up one morning and not want to move. The bigger misfortune […]

My favorite 5 workout partners


I love a good workout. I really do. Almost nothing beats the feeling after a challenging workout. But let’s be honest, it can be tough to find the motivation to workout and sometimes it can be even tougher to maintain that motivation throughout a workout.  I am always looking out for your guys and I […]

Muscle Soreness: Planning For Faster Recovery


You’re motivated, and you’re excited about losing weight. You’ve got a plan and you’re implementing it with gusto. You hit your workouts hard and you pour every ounce of effort into it to show yourself you have what it takes. You finish; you’re tired, but you feel great. You’ve got this stuff locked down. And […]

Tips on how to train for running!


Hello IdealShapers! My name is Angie and I’m new to writing on this blog. As I was deciding what to write about I thought about something one of my professors once told me. He said, “Always write about something you love or else it will be boring to write and just as boring to read.” […]

Your Health: A Gift for All Ages

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 9.45.57 AM

Last month I did a blog post about Staying Motivated at Middle age.  Since then I’ve had a couple more experiences that have really impressed on me the importance of taking care of myself at this age.   My husband and I went on a vacation this past month in Palm Springs with my parents.  […]

Would You Join a Gym With a Motivational Fee?


We don’t always make the exercise choices that are in our best interest. Why? Ask a psychologist or behavioral economist, and they’ll tell you the answer is simple: people are not rational. In addition to a desire to be healthy and strong, we’re driven by many other factors: our subconscious, our emotions, seductive advertising, a […]

Great Travel Exercises for Tight Spaces


A bit ago, we had a discussion about the dirty, sweaty reality of midday exercise. Well how about the dirty, sweaty reality of vacation exercise? The answer is simple- with travel exercises. Think tight spaces, unpredictable schedules and switching from vacation mode to workout mode. And heaven help you if you’re traveling to a locale […]

Misleading Ads: When Is It OK for the Media to Mislead Us?

Grand outdoor billboard

Is it ethical for companies to airbrush models into perfection? Or to make misleading, even blatantly false, health claims? Whether it’s ethical or not, it seems that more and more companies are coming out with misleading ads. Increasingly, companies are being outed for employing illusions and trickery to sell their products. Yet their defense is […]

Exercise and Creativity: there is a link after all


Exercise is a known happiness-booster and stress-reliever, so it certainly seems logical that exercise would put us into a state of mind that’s fertile for creativity. But until now, there has been little more than speculation. But recent research has (finally) found a direct link between exercise and creativity, which supports what I think many […]

Weekend Warriors: Not Doomed After All?


Confession: I’m a weekend warrior. And all these studies about how we are sitting ourselves to death are freaking me out. Can anyone really get down to 3 hours of chair time a day? I can’t. I’m an official “desk jockey,” and frankly, a trek desk is not in the cards for me. Not only […]

Which Yoga Style Matches Your Fitness Goals?


When you think yoga, you think stretching, right? Or perhaps contortionist poses worthy of the circus. Well, you can stretch any old time, and frankly, you’re just not very flexible. So, no, you’re not going to yoga with me. This is the typical conversation I have with my friends and family, and even my students […]

How to Stay Motivated At Middle Age


A friend and I were discussing how difficult it is to stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise at our age.  We are both in our 50’s.  We both thought that after our kids were grown, that we would have all this extra time and would use it to workout.  We would also eat healthier […]

Workout Length: Are Hour-Long Workouts Right For Everybody?


As someone who struggles with getting the right amount of exercise every week, this new study released by the University of Copenhagen, was very enlightening. A study that followed 60 heavy (but healthy) men for thirteen weeks and the results were fairly surprising.   Not only were those that worked out 30 minutes each day […]

“Exergames” Help People To Be More Active


The studies are pouring in about so-called “exergames” which promote physical activity, and unfortunately the impact has been viewed negatively. As a nerd and a gamer, I can sometimes see why. The exergames that are currently on the market have been little more than more interactive exercise videos that use the motion controls as a […]

How to find a safe weight loss plan


Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Plans How many weight loss plans do you think are available today? The truth is there are probably way too many to count. Weight loss plans today endorse everything from calorie counting and portion control to lowering or even eliminating carbohydrates or fat entirely from you diet. The key is to find […]

Where to Start With Exercise


When it comes to living healthier, we’ve put a lot of emphasis on eating healthier and supplementation and sometimes it seems that we’re really letting the fitness side fall to the wayside. Chelsea is our go to gal for fitness ideas and she’s written some very helpful articles, but still we get asked a lot […]

The Secret to a Fitness Routine That Sticks


Pessimists and procrastinators, listen up! There is only one way to stick to an exercise routine. What is it? Make it a routine! Exercise should have a comfortable, well-worn-in niche in your daily regimen. Of course, you’ll be upgrading the particulars every few weeks. (If you stick to the same old stuff, and you’ll probably […]

Why it pays to have a fitness buddy


Living in Siberia has me thinking about “community” a lot. People tend to congregate here. Friends and families are close-knit. People look after each other (and sit on top of each other) on the bus. It’s not uncommon to come home and find your neighbor at your kitchen table. It’s great to have personal space […]

Should Running Be Your Go To Workout?

Speed blur

Ask any marathoner—in other words, ask just about anyone—and you’ll get why running has become so popular. It feels natural, it requires minimal equipment and setup time, and perhaps best of all, it inspires a feeling of solidarity. Burpees with friends? No thanks. But running with friends is fun, and running a race with friends […]

The Best Time of Day to Workout: The Sweaty Reality of Midday Exercise


And now, for the moment of truth: sometimes you can master motivation, flawlessly fuel your workout, and have your gym and snack bags packed—and still not be able to fit exercise into your daily routine. Not midday, anyway. I’m an afternoon exerciser, because it’s my best time of day to workout. But even if you […]

Winter Blahs Are Over, Time To Get Motivated!


When December 31st is rolling around, most people are preparing for the new year, planning their resolutions, and getting ready for change. Me? I’m at my desk writing about how everyone else should be making resolutions and dutifully ignoring my own advice.   It’s not that I don’t see the benefits, or don’t agree with […]

Should You Love Your Workouts?


Today I started reading “Poke the Box.” It’s a manifesto by Seth Godin about doing something new and scary, instead of taking a nap. Godin is warning us about getting too comfortable with routine, and also how quick we are to use the “escape hatch” when we do try something new and it ends up […]

Athletic Focus: How You Can Achieve It


When professional tennis star Maria Sharapova needs to save a match, she gets into her “zone.” “I take it one point at a time and really focus,” she says. Penning an hour-long workout into your planner can seem laughable when you have a business to run, a house to clean, a family to organize. And […]

Why Vacations Are Good For Your Fitness

vacations are good for your health

Leap Year Day has me thinking about how powerful it can be to step outside the box, even for just a day. Suddenly people start thinking about the “possible.” We had an extra day, February 29. What could we do with it? My colleagues threw parties or went out to dinner with friends even though […]

What Your Trainer Means By “Rest Day?”

rest day

We get it. Rest is just as important to fitness gains as the actual workout. I think the real question is: what exactly does ‘rest’ mean? You worked out yesterday, so tonight you’re obliged to slip into your pink bunny slippers and queue up Comcast on Demand? I used to think that. Gee, I sure […]

A Good Cause Can Save Your Fitness Regimen


Last year, hordes of people paid thousands of dollars apiece on eBay for pairs of Nikes. Specifically limited–edition “BacktotheFuture” Nikes to benefit Michael J. Fox’s charity for Parkinson’s disease. While Nike didn’t get to keep the $4.7 million in profits, this benevolent act boosted its image too. Nike fans retweeted stories about the fundraiser and […]

5 Tips It’s Time To Get A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

We get it. You don’t need a babysitter at the gym. And yes, you’ve heard of YouTube. But sometimes, an hour with a personal trainer is worth 10 on Google. These are some of those times:  You’re on deadline. The sooner you start training for that triathlon, bike race or other athletic event, the better. […]

Is the 4 Minute Workout Legit?

Is the 4-Minute Workout Legit?

This pocket-sized workout might be deceptively powerful Good-bye long, drawn-out cardio. In just four minutes, experts are saying, you can accomplish double what you have been by spending hours at the gym. Appealing to our shortcut-loving brains, the “burst” movement is catching on quickly. The most popular example is the Tabata Protocol (no, this isn’t […]

Overcoming Our Annoyance with Health Tips

Don't want to take health tips?

I’ve been searching for some fresh health tips this week. I’ve trolled Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, even the SelectHealth quarterly newsletter. Finally today I found it: an article on Yahoo! by Prevention Magazine about getting in sync with the body’s natural energy and eating cycles to lose weight. The daily play-by-play wasn’t my inspiration. It […]

Workout Music:Turning Your Workout Up To 11


Now we’ve been pretty adamant about setting up exercise routines and why they’re so awesome. The health and psychological benefits of a proper exercise regimen are numerous, so once you’ve got that down, what’s next? How about getting just the right workout music to accompany your butt kickin’ routine? And I’m not just saying it […]

Exercise: The All-or-Nothing Mentality


Science is a harsh mistress when it comes to being successful on exercise regimens because unfortunately, it doesn’t agree or like any of our excuses. “I procrastinate because I’m a perfectionist!” you say “I need to have the perfect set up before I can start!” “Not True” Says Science in a harsh tone. “There are […]

When It Comes to the Gym, Bigger Isn’t Always Better


The secret to making your fitness goals happen? Joining a tricked-out gym. Or so I thought, as I was rolling up to the new luxury gym in my neighborhood. After a tour, my head was spinning with the workout possibilities (ooh, heated pool!) and I was eager to sign on the dotted line.  But half an […]

“Real Men Don’t Do Yoga”


Yesterday I was outlining the many benefits of yoga for one of my guy friends, who complained of tight muscles and achiness. He agreed that yoga was great and said he totally understood why people do it. Pause. “So why don’t you do it?” His response: “Yoga is for girls… and hippies.”

8 tips to stay motivated in Month 1


  We all know that the first 30 days of any fitness program are going to be the hardest. And while there’s nothing really new under the sun, I thought I’d give what helped me make it through the first month without losing sight of my goals. It’s important to note that this is ‘how […]

A New Valentines Date

images (6)

During this Valentines season I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they think Valentines is a stupid holiday that they refuse to celebrate. There are also many couples that do celebrate it with a fancy dinner, chocolates, cookies, and other sweets. Well, Valentines Day is not an approved day to take off of your […]

3 Reasons to Try Zumba (and One Reason Not to)

Photo copyrighted by Joshua Prezant 2008-- No photo maybe used without Joshua Prezant's written consent.  www.joshuaprezant.com--JoshuaPrezant@gmail.com--(954) 394-2020

Let’s face it: there’s a good reason for our gymphobia. The gym usually sucks. Stuffy locker rooms. Bad techno. Sweaty equipment. Buzzing fluorescent lights. Grunters. It’s too easy to think of 1,001 reasons not to go. Strange, then, that reportedly 7.5 million people are flocking to Zumba classes every week. Are you wondering if it might be worth a try?

Perfect Fitness: Why It’s a Myth (and Thank Goodness)

Bette Midler in The Stepford Wives.

“Perfection is a mean, frozen form of idealism.” That’s what author Anne Lamott writes in her book Bird by Bird. It’s about her experience becoming a published writer, yet it’s eerily pertinent to fitness. Her tips on writer’s block? They’re what helped me plow through my exercise impasse in December. I consider myself something of […]

Just Weighting Around for the Holidays to End

lose weight

So, I was very excited today to find that I have been successful with my goal of not gaining a single pound this holiday season! My typical weight gain during this time of year (from Thanksgiving to Christmas) is about 7-10 pounds. This means that I’m right in line with the average American, and I’ve […]

Quinoa: A Discovery 6,000 Years in the Making


I was talking to a friend of mine, Monica, the other week about this very blog and in passing, she suggested that I should really add some quinoa recipes to the mix. After seeing the blank stare on my face for a moment, she informed me that Quinoa (pronounced kin-wah) is actually a grain substitute […]

The Ten Commandments of Physical Training

physical training

Here are ten key tips that can really help your physical training if you’re trying to get into a workout routine again. Some may be more important for you, some less important. 1. Train Regularly: It is typically recommended to workout 3-5 times a week. Less probably won’t give you the results you may be […]

Stop, Taste the Roses and End Obesity

images (5)

I have reached a place in my life that has afforded the opportunity to travel abroad. I truly enjoy visiting different countries and different cultures, seeing how people live, and, of course, how they eat. Obesity is a much less prevalent issue pretty much everywhere else in the world, and I’m not just referring to […]

The Myths About Weight Loss and Diet Programs Part 1

lose weight

Since I was a wrestler in High School I have almost always been on a diet. I remember those days of trying to get my 5’11” frame down to 145 pounds. I would wear a plastic sweat suit, only eat hard boiled eggs, and spit a whole lot. I practically did anything that would get […]

Exercising: The Most Important 30 Minutes


In today’s busy world people are skipping the important things. Things like times spent with family, friends, or maybe even time alone. But something else that is often over looked is exercising. I think people are skipping this important part of life because they have the conception that you need to exercise for an hour […]

Are You Getting Enough Protein in Your Daily Diet?


Now I know it has gotten pretty popular in today’s culture for women to avoid a lot of red meats in general and I won’t even begin to call myself qualified to comment on that kind of lifestyle decision. Where I find the problem is that many women that do not eat meat regularly, don’t […]

No More Couch Potatoes!


Throw that couch out of the living room! If you’re addicted to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (like me) or “Project Runway” (not like me) and that is interfering with your workout time, that excuse is gone! I’ve come to realize that really is the worst excuse possible. There is so much you can do […]

Three Exercises To Increase Flexibility


Exercises that increase flexibility are key to a good warm-up. One thing often overlooked in regards to stretch is the importance of strengthening the muscle through the newly created range of motion. If you don’t strength the muscle through the new range of motion you are creating you potentially could cause instability and eventually injury. […]

Workout, Shape Up!


We all have the good intentions to fit in our daily workout, but how often do we actually get there? I have been one of those people – “I’m going to the gym tonight” “oh, you wanna go to dinner?” “OK, I’ll workout tomorrow.” I think it’s safe to say that it’s a fairly common […]

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Understanding Suggestibility


Hypnosis in general has been very miss understood for the last 100 years. Recently, Hypnosis has shown to provide very positive and successful outcomes for weight loss (body shaping). It is not uncommon to hear people at parties or public gatherings talk about a positive experience they had with Hypnotherapy. These experiences now range from […]

The Best Exercise in no Time at All


Come on everyone knows that they should be exercising. Especially if they want to effectively lose weight. So why aren’t people doing it? Have you ever felt like it takes too much time and energy to see any identifiable improvement. That in order to get to your ideal shape you are going to have to […]

Resistance Bands: Deceptively Simple Exercise Equipment

resistance bands

Resistance bands come in many shapes, sizes and resistance levels and can be used to stretch, strengthen and tone the entire body. Weighing just a few ounces, a resistance band can create 30 lbs. of resistance!

Effective Weight Loss: Is Outside Intervention Really the Answer?


America’s weight problem is more complex than today’s studies and statistics portray. Effective weight loss doesn’t start with our employers, the media or the government — it starts with the individual.

You Can Become IdealShape’s Biggest Winner


If you have ever struggled with your weight, you might be among the 74% or 165,886,297 Americans over the age of 15 that are overweight or obese (according to Forbes). Too many programs out there are aimed at trying to get you to lose something. They want to change who you are. To us that […]

Pink Slip Exercise? When Losing Your Job Is A Good Thing


Sometimes it takes a major work shift to get us to change our habits. A little time off—say, that time between jobs—can help us regain perspective and finally jump-start a weight loss plan. It’s easy to get swept up in the daily grind at a stressful full-time job. You lose track of the hours spent […]

Are You In A Sleep Debt?


Find out, and try our tips for a perfect night’s rest   Body shaping requires more than exercising and eating right. There are so many factors involved in achieving your ideal shape, and chances are, sleep plays a bigger role than you realize.   Can’t Get to Sleep? Despite an increased awareness of the importance […]

Rise and Shine! How to Wake Up Refreshed


Sleeping too much? These wake up habits will help you kick sleepiness to the curb   Believe it or not, getting too much sleep can be just as bad for your figure as not getting enough. Experts say logging more than nine hours a night can adversely affect metabolism and appetite. (Not to mention it […]

Simple Ways to Increase Your Core Strength


Assuming you’ve read A Core Quiz, you’re ready to start increasing your core strength! In this post you’ll learn how to use your balance ball, achieve proper form, engage the appropriate muscles daily, and figure out what “engaging the core” even means! Core 101 Your core region makes up the muscles of your back, abdominals, […]

Core Knowledge: Find Out Your Level


A strong core gives you a smooth workout, increased strength, beautiful posture, and a confident walk—tall and graceful. It helps you burn fat and shape your body efficiently. It makes your life easier. Really.

Show Your Muscles Some Love


Myofascial Release for nimble muscles and improved circulation using a foam roller To get the most out of your muscles, give them a little TLC!  Studies have shown that people who get regular massages are healthier. They enjoy improved circulation, healthy agile muscles, and less mental tension (which is often caused by physical tension, and […]

Lindon Utah Fitness BootCamp Schedule


We have a fitness bootcamp starting in Lindon Utah. The bootcamp is all about giving you the best workout possible without requiring too much of your time. People who have done our fitness bootcamp can’t get enough of it. You will be working closely with a personal trainer who will help you achieve your goals. […]

The Endocrine System and Your Weight


To keep your metabolism high, keep the endocrine system in line!   Few really understand the endocrine system and the important role that hormones play in our lives. The endocrine system is a complex network of nine glands and over 100 hormones in our body; it regulates activities from reproduction, metabolism and development to mood, […]

A Stunning Figure: Most Americans Have Tried to Lose Weight

lose weight

  Reader’s Digest discovered in their recent nationwide diet poll that 72% of Americans have tried to lose weight. “Not surprisingly,” wrote fitness writer Joe Kita in the February edition, “women are much more likely to have done so than men—85 percent versus 59 percent.” When we wrote about body image a few weeks ago, […]

Are You Keeping Tabs On Your Weight Loss Success?

weight loss success

Track your progress to reach your fitness goals faster It’s March! How’s your weight loss program coming along? If it fizzled a little in February, now is the time to put a little spring in your step. The weather’s warming up and it’s staying lighter a little longer. So now that you, ahem, have no […]

Utah County, Utah Boot Camp


Fitness Thought of the Day Consistency is the key to success with any fat loss program.  Two steps forward and one step back isn’t going to get you to your destination very fast.  You also may get frustrated with your progress if this is how you approach the program you are on.  Is the fat […]

Workouts Dwindling? Turn Up the Volume With Workout Music


Do you accelerate your treadmill stride when Katy Perry comes on? Need The Killers to amp up for your daily jog around the block? or how about a little Eye of the Tiger while you pump those weights? Whatever it is, your workout music it is probably the thing that gets your through those really […]

Fitness Boot Camp day 1


Thought of the Day Weight loss is a juggling act at times.  To lose the weight you want to lose it will require that you have plan that includes nutrition, exercise, and supplementation that all work together.  Cheating in one area can nullify the weight loss results we qualified ourselves for in the other area.  […]

Fitness Schedule and Meal Plan Day 2

meal plan

Thought of the Day The IdealShape program has been designed to address the three main areas of weight loss: The Mind, Nutrition, and Exercise.  The story is always going to be the same. How do you get your body to burn more calories than it takes in?  Everything we strive to do at IdealShape is […]

Fitness Schedule Day 3


Thought of the Day Weight loss requires a complete commitment to ourselves.  The road to achieving your IdealShape will not be easy, but will become easier as you realize the benefits of healthy living.  Nutrition is what fuels our bodies and allows us to perform at high level, but improper nutrition can also undermine our […]

Lindon, UT Fitness Boot Camps Day 4


Thought of the Day Don’t give up even when it seems impossible. The hardest part in the whole process is really making the decision to start improving your health and you have already done that so now you can focus on sticking to it. Friday or Saturday Fitness Boot Camps Foam Rolling Active Stretching Level […]

The Complete Weight Loss Plan

complete weight loss

Get More Than a Slimmer Figure! The IdealPlan Helps You Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle Let’s face it–you have a clear weight loss goal and most programs you’ve tried left a lot to be desired. They just don’t work—we know, we tried a lot before creating our own. After a great deal of research and training, […]

Fitness Schedule and Meal Plan Day 5

meal plan

Thought of the Day Live in the moment.  Focus on each workout and getting the most out of each workout.  Focus on each meal and making sure you are getting the right portions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The key to your success over an extended period of time will be how well you live […]

Lindon, Utah: Fitness Boot Camp Class Day 6


Thought of the day Stop believing that you are the exception when it comes to weight loss.  You really can lose weight! You need to start believing that you can!  Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out why you aren’t losing weight as quickly as other people but there is enough knowledge out […]