What NOT to Say to Someone Who’s Overweight


So they want to lose weight and you want to help. Motivating our loved ones to achieve their health goals is often on our minds, but to be effective, we need to be careful about how we put it. You might think you’re being helpful with the following approaches, but they usually backfire. Let’s explore […]

5 Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating


When it comes to fats, the big red X that used to cover all of them has somewhat shrunk. As we begin to understand more about the difference between LDL and HDL Cholesterol, and saturated and unsaturated fats. So what are healthy fats we should be eating?   We’ve learned that unsaturated fats are great […]

Are You Drinking More Calories Than You Realize?


“You can’t out-cardio a bad diet.” That means no matter how much we exercise, we still need to watch what we eat—and how many calories we consume.  And some of us might be reaching our whole calorie allotment for the day “in one fell swig.” Before I got to researching, I probably was. I was […]

5 Steps Towards Better Family Health

kids playing

Family health is a difficult thing to achieve. As parents, getting your kids active is no easy feat. It’s a delicate balance between wanting to get them healthy and not wanting to hurt their emotional growth in the process. We talk to clients a lot about overcoming weight issues that blossomed from events in their […]

Weight Loss Questions: What Are People Asking Google?


We live in a world where the internet has made it easy to get your questions answered. Better yet, you can do it without the subsequent raise of an eyebrow that follows when you ask “Is it unhealthy to eat my own boogers?” Google has even taken it upon themselves to help you out in […]

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss


New Years is approaching and that means one thing: time to start making your yearly weight loss resolutions. You do it every year with the holiday weight gain. You make a plan and you get motivated and…you dust off the treadmill to start running every morning. I have a cousin that begged and begged for […]

Is There a “Best” Weight Loss Plan?


Is There a “Best” Weight Loss Plan? Are you tired of trying all the latest weight loss products every time they come out or following those crazy diet plans that leave you craving odd foods in the middle of the night? Everyone who has a weight problem is always looking for the best weight loss […]