A Healthy Appetite Suppressant: Does It Exist?

appetite suppressantTo many of us, “appetite suppressant” sounds strange. Why would I want to go against my body if it’s telling me I’m hungry? And there have been oodles of unhealthy and untrustworthy diet products on the market. These have only added to our skepticism, and rightly so.

But healthy appetite suppressants are possible. It’s simply a matter of tapping the power of foods that naturally fill you up. Add health- and energy-promoting nutrients, and you also get the sustenance your body needs. There’s nothing unnatural about that.

So maybe we should look at these natural products not as appetite “suppressants,” but as appetite “satisfiers.”

But how do they work, and how do I know it’s healthy?

One of the best fill-you-up foods is fiber. That’s why it is often the main ingredient in appetite suppressants. Of course, as many of us have experienced, shocking the system with fiber can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. And often, appetite suppressants use poor quality fiber and filler ingredients. That not only worsens discomfort but it provides little nutritional value.

The IdealShape Weight Loss Shake is different.

Its proprietary Hunger-Blocker formula curbs hunger by working naturally with the body, which means no discomfort. Why don’t other appetite suppressant products do this? We don’t know. Maybe they’re taking the cheaper route. Maybe they just don’t care.

But we set out to make something that our clients would love, and that we ourselves would want to drink every day. Our mission is to provide something ultra-healthy that curbs cravings; not to fill you up so that you’re too bloated to eat at mealtime. That’s another reason our shake falls into the appetite “satisfier” category.

We include only high quality fiber and protein sources in our weight loss shake. It’s made with oat bran (loaded with healthy soluble fiber) and barley beta-fiber (extracted from whole-grain barley), as well as a unique soy and whey protein blend. Got to build those muscles!

Hunger and Satiety are Psychological

We’ve learned something that other appetite-curbing companies haven’t: the only effective way to take control of eating is to communicate with the stomach AND the brain. That’s because we often aren’t listening to our stomachs when we eat. Instead we’re taking cues from our mind.

For example, maybe you’re at a restaurant and your meal portion is huge. But you don’t want to waste money or food. Telling yourself you’re still hungry, you pass the full mark and keep on going.

Or maybe you eat when you’re bored, sad or stressed out. Negative emotions can send out deceitful cues that we’re hungry, when we really aren’t.

This is where IdealShape’s appetite-satisfying protein shake steps in, telling the stomach and mind when you don’t need food.


Our proprietary formula includes Slendesta® Potato Extract. This natural extract causes the release of CCK in the brain, a hormone that naturally exists in the body to tell the brain you’re full.

Supplements can also contain healthy appetite suppressant ingredient, like Resveratrol. Check out ResveraShape!

Take Control of the Way You Eat

You can exercise all day long, but no amount of stair-stepping will reverse poor food choices. To create your IdealShape, you need to take control of your eating habits. That means eating healthy foods, eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re full.

Contrary to popular myth, using an appetite satisfier is not about feeling full so you can skip a meal. No, missing out on the nutrients your body needs is never productive. That’s why choosing a healthy, high quality appetite satisfier is important.

Many people go way beyond their caloric need each day without even realizing it. But you don’t need to go on a restrictive diet to start shaping your body. Instead, begin eating mindfully: track your calories, eat healthy fresh foods, and take control of absent-minded eating.

You will be amazed at the change to your figure with just these three steps.

Let the IdealShape Shake with Slendesta put you back in tune with your body.



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