Rise and Shine! How to Wake Up Refreshed

Sleeping too much? These wake up habits will help you kick sleepiness to the curb


sunBelieve it or not, getting too much sleep can be just as bad for your figure as not getting enough. Experts say logging more than nine hours a night can adversely affect metabolism and appetite. (Not to mention it might cause you to sleep right through your gym time!)

Don’t let morning grogginess keep you from reaching your fitness goals. Set a good sleep schedule and stick to it. That means going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

One of the easiest ways to shape up your sleep? A fool-proof morning routine.

Wake up naturally

You’ll be less tired throughout the day if you let your body wake up naturally in the morning, rather than wasting energy in a jump-out-of-bed adrenaline rush. Hurried or stressful activity, especially when you add caffeine, gives your blood pressure and stress hormones a jolt—right before steering you straight into a midday crash. This constantly-caffeinating cycle won’t get you any closer to your health and fitness goals, trust us.

These are some of our favorite morning moves:

1. Avoid the crash by arising slowly, letting your body adjust to the shift from sleep.

2. Trade the siren call of your alarm clock for something more soothing.

3. Stretch and breathe deeply before getting out of bed.

4. Think positive thoughts about the day ahead.

5. Let sunlight in and gradually lighten the room.

6. Start the day with energy-elevating foods like fruit, complex carbs and protein.

So what’s a good night’s sleep? Scientists agree on 7-8 hours. And it’s OK to sneak in a 10-20 minute nap in the afternoons for a quick recharge. Just don’t sleep longer than 30 minutes, or you might mess up your hard won schedule!

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What is more important, sleep of exercise?


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