Living #MyIdeal – Ken & Kate Nelson Walk 1,000 Miles Together!

How you start your weight loss plan has everything to do with your success!

Since embarking on their journey in 2012,  Ken (age 64) and Kate (age 63) of Rancho Cordova, California, have lost 110 pounds together.

Not only did they lose the weight, but they’re still going strong — and have gotten seriously strong! — more than two years later.

This 2012 Ship Shape Challenge winning couple joined us again in Park City, Utah, last week to share their success secret. Hint: It all started with IdealShape and a few “exciting goals.”

Watch their video to find out how Ken and Kate are achieving their #ideal life — and how they plan to tackle their big crazy goal of walking 1,000 miles together!

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  1. Steve says

    Walking 1000 miles is NOT a big crazy goal! I’m 66 years old and I’ve logged 1225 miles in 2014 (as of today, Sept 29.) A lot of these miles were accrued doing some difficult terrain in a state forest. And I got off to a late start due to the severe winter here in the Midwest. My goal is 1500 miles this year – which should be achieved by Dec 1st.

  2. Kate Nelson says

    Thanks for all the great memories. We had so much fun doing the video, meeting all the new contestants and seeing our IdealShape family! Love you guys!!

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