Visualizing Your Ideal Shape

Visualization is a powerful way to get a "snapshot" of yourself at your ideal shape. This mental image creates a belief that you CAN actually look and feel the way that you desire. These visualizations will begin to take shape in your subconscious mind, which influences up to 80% of your thoughts and actions. Planting this seed will motivate you to make the changes necessary to achieve your ideal shape.

What you want or believe you deserve will be manifested in what you see as "your" ideal shape.

The “Visualizing Your Ideal Shape” program helps you create a mental map or blueprint to guide the changes you will be making. Using powerful brain training techniques, this CD will help you strengthen your willpower and raise your self-confidence. You will develop the ability to see your ideal shape and begin creating a healthy body shape and lifestyle.

How the Visualzing CD works

The “Visualizing Your Ideal Shape” CD develops the big picture of your ideal shape in the immediate future. You’ll be guided through visualization exercises until you can believe—and actually see in your mind’s eye—the pant, shirt, and dress size that you wish to achieve. Believe it, See it, Achieve it! The CD will also guide you in setting goals in a way to create the best results.

This CD has 4 tracks: an introduction that teaches you how to use the CD; a motivational track that subconsciously reinforces what you are doing with the other tracks and motivates you to accomplish your goal of getting to your ideal shape; and daytime and nighttime visualization tracks that create the actual visualization of your new shape in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Gain an Unfair Advantage

While everyone else out there is struggling to lose weight and stay on track with one program or another, your weight loss journey will become almost effortless. You will no longer be fighting against yourself and your subconscious image of yourself. You will instead learn to visualize yourself in detail as you deserve to be. You’ll also learn to make the changes necessary to achieve what you see.

Visualization allows you to connect to the ‘why’ behind your goals. You will connect with what you really want and what it’s going to take to get there.

Unlock Your Full Potential

The subconscious mind represents up to 88% of your total brain power. Unlock that power with “Visualizing Your Ideal Shape” and finally achieve the ideal shape that you deserve!


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