It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle!

If you can’t control your hunger, you can’t lose weight. That’s why most “diets” end in disaster!

Diets are quick fixes that often require extreme calorie-cutting and drastic changes to your eating habits. This leaves you feeling hungry and miserable, without enough nutrients and without the willpower to stick with it. It’s an uphill battle… and sooner or later, that cart starts to roll back downhill.

That’s why we created a complete weight loss plan that helps you build a lasting foundation for healthy eating... one you'll actually enjoy!

Unlike diets, the IdealPlan:

  • 1. Gives you control over your hunger and cravings
  • 2. Empowers you to reduce calories with delicious, filling low-calorie shakes and bars
  • 3. Makes it easy to eat healthy every day – it's more affordable and convenient than fast food!

The IdealPlan gives you everything you need to curb cravings, increase your energy and eliminate unwanted fat... the three ingredients to achieving your ideal shape! Best of all, it's simple. You’ll feel clear about your goals and confident in your ability to achieve them every day. With the right nutrients you'll also feel energized to enjoy an active lifestyle. No uphill battle here!

IdealPlan Consists Of:

Your Weight Loss Blueprint

IdealPlan eBook The IdealPlan is a realistic lifestyle nutrition guide that incorporates daily treats and involves NEVER getting hungry. We show you exactly how to use meal replacement shakes and snack bars to get DRAMATIC, sustainable results.

IdealShake: Meal Replacement

IdealShake Chocolate Shake Tub Meal replacement shakes must control your appetite, be nutritious, and taste amazing to help you lose weight. Blend the mix with water or a milk of your choice and drink it for breakfast every day. To maximize the effect, drink a full glass of water right after you drink IdealShake to block hunger for at least 3 hours.

IdealBar: Weight Loss Convenience

IdealBar 1 boxIdealBar is a convenient, tasty meal replacement bar that helps curb hunger cravings in a simple 140 low calorie bar with 10 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. Ideally, eat an IdealBar around 3pm to keep you feeling full from lunch until dinner.

IdealBoost: Weight Loss Drink (Optional)

IdealBoost - Raspberry Citrus Wouldn’t it be great if there was a low-calorie, sugar-free energizing drink that tasted delicious? That gave you craving control and boosted your metabolism? That was so healthy and convenient you could enjoy it anywhere, anytime you want? GUILT-FREE? Actually there is. Introducing… IdealBoost!


Try IdealShape 100% RISK FREE! We know the power of our products. That's why if you are unsatisfied with our product in any way, simply return it to us and we'll give you a refund of the purchase price up to 30 days after your order date.

30 Day IdealPlan
60 Day IdealPlan
90 Day IdealPlan
2 Shake Tubs + 28 Bars + Bonuses 6 Shake Tubs + 84 Bars + Bonuses
1 Shake Tub with 4 Boxes of IdealBars and Bonuses 2 Shake Tub with 8 Boxes of IdealBars and Bonuses 3 Shake Tub with 12 Boxes of IdealBars and Bonuses
  • 60 Servings of IdealShake
  • 30 Day Supply of IdealBar
  • FREE Blender Bottle
  • FREE IdealPlan eBook
  • 120 Servings of IdealShake
  • 60 Day Supply of IdealBar
  • FREE Blender Bottle
  • FREE IdealPlan eBook
  • 180 Servings of IdealShake
  • 90 Day Supply of IdealBar
  • FREE Blender Bottle
  • FREE IdealPlan eBook
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