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9 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly and Healthily

Weight loss can be difficult. If only there were easy ways to lose weight…

Well, actually, there are. Successful weight loss comes down to making a series of small changes. Making these simple and easy changes can help you to lose weight, feel happier, and healthier.


9 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I have a list of 9 easy ways to lose weight. Each one is just a small change that aims to help curb your appetite, keep you full, and give your body everything it needs.

Ultimately, these 9 small changes will help you to lose weight, feel happier, and be healthier.


1. Drink More Water

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Breaking news, water can help you lose weight! You may have heard it a thousand times, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true!

Not drinking enough water may cause bloating. Bloating can make you feel like you’re not getting results and it can affect water retention in your body, which can make you fluctuate in your weight.

Another thing is that a lot of times when we feel hungry, we are actually just thirsty. Drinking water before meals assists in getting rid of this problem. It helps you feel more full, so you’re less likely to eat too many calories!

Sometimes it can be difficult to start drinking water so you can do things like add lemon or lime to sparkling water to make it tastier. Or you could try to add sliced fruit to your ice water to naturally flavor it.


2. Cut Back On Extra Sugar

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See, the thing about sugar is that it’s in most foods that are very high in calories. I mean, I know those foods taste great but usually they don’t keep you feeling satisfied and they’re also very high in calories!

In other words, you’ll feel like you still want to eat more even when you’ve just had a 2,000 calorie piece of cheesecake. So be a little wary of foods that are like this if you’re trying to reach your weight loss goals.

Try other natural sweeteners like stevia, to get that sweetness with fewer calories.


3. Bake Instead of Frying

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Although certain oils can be healthier for you, like olive oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids, you don’t want to fry foods in oil if you’re trying to lose weight. Frying your food can increase calories because oil contains a lot of calories and fried foods soaks up all the calories and fat from the oil.

So instead of packing on those calories by frying your food, try baking it instead! Baking your food is a great alternative because you can still get a delicious flavor but it’s a ton healthier! This is because you don’t have to use nearly as much oil as you would when frying. By choosing healthy alternatives of foods you love, you can make lasting progress in your weight loss.

If you need omega-3 but don’t want to get it from oil, here are some recipes of other foods which are high in omega-3, check out them out here!


4. Cut back on Soda

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I know that drinking some soda may seem like no big deal, but guess what? Soda can be packed with calories and you won’t even notice it! On average 24 oz of soda can be as many as 252 calories! You never want to drink your calories because it’s so easy to take in more than you realize.

Also, they don’t keep you satisfied in the same ways that a regular meal would. Even fruit juice can be calorie packed and filled with additives and chemicals.

If you absolutely hate drinking water, a good option is sparkling water or adding a low-calorie flavoring. These options will help you lose weight because you’ll be cutting down on the calories you would have been from soda!

Want to know about my secret drink weapon that isn’t just delicious and only 5 calories, but designed with ingredients to block hunger and give you an energy boost? Click here and find out the answer!


5. Meal Prep

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Meal prepping can change your healthy eating game from zero to a hundred real quick! This is because it allows you to plan ahead and have everything ready for the week.

Picture this: you come home from work and you are so “hangry” you’re about to eat the first thing you see. But instead of running to the pantry and attacking all the snacks, you go to the fridge and heat up a healthy meal. You eat it and it immediately makes you feel full and much happier.

Meal prepping makes healthy choices easier for you. It takes away the pressure of making those everyday choices and it’s a heck of a lot easier way of staying healthy. It makes it so much easier because you never have to skip a meal and you don’t have to prepare your meals every day. You’ll spend less time in the drive-through and more time getting the things done that you need to.

Learn more tips about meal prepping and planning here!

6. Use a Smaller Plate

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Nothing like a little “brain tricking” to help you reach your goals and feel better about doing it! Okay so you might be thinking, “How on earth is a smaller plate going to help me?”. Well, it may just help you feel like you’re eating more!

I don’t know about you but I like to eat a full plate of food and eat it till it’s all gone! The great thing about eating with a smaller plate is that it makes you feel like you’re getting more without adding more. In fact, it could help you cut out the calories you need and portion your meals better, so you can keep on losing that weight!


7. Avoid Fad Diets

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No joke guys, fad diets almost never work full term. They may provide short-term results but usually, it’s caused from a massive calorie deficiency.

Experiencing quick results that don’t last can make you feel extremely discouraged. Gaining back weight after losing it can make it seem impossible to reach your goals.

Even worse is that this can actually really hurt your metabolism! Hardly anyone can stick with them for very long and it makes life really unenjoyable.

Instead of doing fad diets, you need to come to the conclusion that losing weight and keeping it off requires you to change your lifestyle for good. That absolutely does not mean that you can’t enjoy yourself! Making small, lasting changes that build over time is one sure way of seeing lasting results!


8. Keep Busy With More Activites

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Being active can be another great way to burn more calories throughout your day! Not only will this help you feel more fulfilled, but staying busy could help you steer clear of bad habits like grazing on unhealthy foods while watching tv.

You can be more active by spending time with loved ones, going on walks, going on hikes, bike rides, whatever you enjoy most! There are so many fun options you can do to make it a little easier to keep you happy, healthy, and reaching your goals.


9. Positive Thinking

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You need to realize that your goals are possible. If you don’t think you can accomplish something, then your motivation will likely go away. If you don’t have motivation then reaching your goals will be extremely difficult.

I’ve worked with thousands of people on getting them to their weight loss goals and I know that it’s possible to reach your goals.

So how can you change this? Live in the small victories because every small win is another drop in the bucket for your goals! I can’t stress it enough: you need to be happy with your healthy lifestyle.

Small wins can be things like reaching goals of working out a couple times a week, kicking a soda habit, meal prepping, running 2 miles instead of 1, or whatever goal you have for yourself!

So make sure you’re giving yourself the pat on the back that you deserve, every time you achieve a little win. Reaching your goals isn’t about the number on the scale, it’s about making an overall improvement that can change your life.


Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Start by making one of these changes at a time. Aim for one change a week as a minimum and you’ll find yourself getting closer to your goals.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be rocket science. When it comes to weight loss, the simpler, the better!


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Kami Price

Kami Price

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Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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