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3 Lazy-Proof Ways to Make SURE You Get a Workout

Is it time for that seasonal fitness kick in the pants? I don’t know about you, but I always *fall* off the exercise wagon this time of year. (Coincidence in the name? I think not.)

If your healthy momentum has dwindled too, here are a few tricks that should help us get back to the business of fitness. After all, we need to get those 120 minutes of exercise every week.

So check out our three lazy-proof ways to make sure you get a workout below. Since getting started is the hard part, these methods all involve a bit of… well… initial imprisonment. Nine times out ten, if we can just force ourselves into a workout, our groove kicks back in and we’re gold. As for the tenth time, you’re stuck getting a workout anyway, so it’s still good.

So, are you ready to bring out the big guns and get off the couch? Let’s do it!

Slump Buster #1: Do Not Go Home

If you’re a gym or park exerciser, get that gym bag in your car and that snack in your pocket, then go immediately after work. Do not pass home. Do not unwind. Do not collect your laundry.

Bicycle commuting is also a great way to rope yourself into exercise, come rain, shine or after-work stupor. Yet another way: go on a hike or bike ride out in nature, where the further you go, the further you’ll have to come back.

For really stubborn laziness, out-of-town fitness getaways are always a good habit refresher. Boot camps, wellness retreats and camping trips force 2+ days of physical activity, which is long enough to reset an exercise routine. Plus, experiences will spark motivation more than fitness gadgets.

Slump Buster #2: Prepay for Workouts

Workout companions are great for accountability…unless they’re not. If your friends are flaky or hard to book time with, they’ll likely sabotage your efforts. Better accountability: run your credit card now. For most people, the thought of wasted money makes us cringe and get out of bed no matter what.

No class has ever seen better attendance from me than the one where I had to prepay $15 for aerial yoga sessions. Not only that, it was so popular I had to book weeks in advance. There were no refunds. There was no way I was messing up–even if it WAS Saturday morning.

Once you’ve got your groove back, you can switch back to the any-old-time classes at your gym. But for a kickstart, buy at least a few classes, ideally where you pay out the nose for each individual workout. Alternatively, you could join one of those app programs or gyms that charges a fee for missed workouts.

Slump Buster #3: Sign Up for an Event

Ah, the looming deadline. Signing up for an event (especially if it’s pricey or limited-registration: see #2) is a perfect way to lasso yourself into regular exercise.

In fact, my research says this is the absolute best way to ensure daily commitment to your workouts. The two years that I signed up for a 60-mile bike ride, I became the most devoted cyclist I had ever been. (Have I been on the bike since? Well, I’ve been maybe two or three times total. So there you have it.)

So powerful is working toward a specific and challenging victory that over the course of training you might even discover you’ve bonded with an activity you didn’t think you’d like. That’s how Randy found the motivation to start running.

Got any wily tips for re-launching a fitness regimen? Share them in the comments!

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