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3 Men’s Workouts From Beginner to Boss


Mastering the basics is important when it comes to exercise.

It was Barry Larkin, a World Series winner, who said, “ What people don’t realize is that professionals are sensational because of the fundamentals.”

It’s time to go back to basics with fundamental exercises. The fundamental exercises I’ll focus on in this post, are push ups, sit ups, and burpees.

You might think that these exercises are TOO simple to have any real effect. But as simple as they are, they train the muscles to move correctly, build muscle, and burn calories! All of this is essential for weight loss.

I’ve created progression videos for each exercise. You can start at the beginning and build up or try one of the more advanced variations for an extra challenge.

Combine all three exercises for 10-20 reps of each for 3-5 rounds for an effective total body workout.

3 Men’s Workouts From Beginner to Boss


There’s a reason pushups have long been used as a test for strength. They require multiple muscle groups and require mobility.

You can build a substantial amount of muscle with just the push up too, no weight required. And more muscle means more calories burned at a resting state.


Every guy wants flat, defined abs. Of course keep in mind that if you truly want to see your abs, you need to have a low body fat percentage. This is primarily accomplished through diet. But it’s still important to train the muscles you want to show off! Sit ups are a simple but effective way to build these muscles so you’re one step closer to a 6 pack.


Burpees have a bad reputation simply because they are difficult. But it’s this difficulty that makes them so effective!

Burpees provide a total body workout and double as a strength and cardio exercise. You’ll burn loads of calories with this simple exercise.

Try these exercises out a couple times a week for a little bit and you WILL see some awesome results. But If you’re looking to slim down and ditch the “dad bod” then exercise is only part of the equation -albeit a big part.

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