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4 Slimming Snack Habits to Practice Now


Snacking has a bad rap, but it isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, the right snacking habits can help you lose weight! We’re big fans of eating five meals a day for fat loss, and for many people that means a snack between breakfast and lunch, and another snack between lunch and dinner.

So what’s the secret to smart snacking? Here are four munching habits that successful IdealShapers do.

Habit 1: Keep a Snack Stash


How often has that “quick” shopping trip turned into a four-hour errand run, or that “20-minute” work meeting gobbled up your lunch break? Missing scheduled meals is a common cause of diet sabotage. It can force you to grab junk food out of desperation, as well as overestimate your calorie needs when you finally do eat. Smart snackers keep healthy foods (like veggies and IdealBars!) in their purse, desk drawer, and car for those unplanned meal gaps.

Habit 2: Snack on Vegetables

Vegetable tray with celery, broccoli, carrots on a wooden table

It’s easy to forget about vegetables as a snack option, but healthy snackers know they’re one of the best for weight loss! Low calorie, nutrient rich, and with less sugar than fruits, you can eat veggies anytime you want. A few minutes of prep time will buy you a few days’ worth of mini salads, snap peas, broccoli, and organic carrot sticks (so much more flavorful than packaged baby carrots). Drizzle them with olive oil or dip them into peanut butter or hummus for a dollop of healthy omega-3s.

Habit 3: Recognize “Stress Snacking” 

Late for Work Stressed Couple Checking Time in Kitchen.

When cravings strike because of stress, we’re more likely to start putting food in our mouths without thinking about it, or cruising to the convenient store because our willpower has been depleted. Same goes for munchies triggered by boredom or lack of sleep. Healthy snackers recognize these mood triggers and either avoid snacking during those times, or keep healthy snacks on hand.  

Habit 4: Choose Snacks That are Filling


Keeping your belly happy is the trick to avoiding BLTs (bites, licks and tastes). One great way of staying satisfied is eating snacks that are high in fiber. Not only does fiber help the body absorb nutrients, it also slows the pace of how we eat, which has additional weight loss benefits. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and of course, IdealShake and IdealBars, are all great sources of fiber.



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