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4 Ways to Overcome A Workout Plateau

Don’t worry, it has happened to the best of us… you’ve been working out like crazy for a few weeks now and you probably have seen some good results.

Now, you’re not losing weight nor are you getting the results you so desperately wanted.

Sound familiar?

You might even be in a workout rut doing the same thing over and over again at the gym.

It can be frustrating and you are probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes all it takes to get past a workout plateau is to look back at your training and find out where you’ve gone wrong. Easier said than done, right?

So, I’m going to go over a few things that have helped me get out of this common training mistake and back on top of my game.

1. Track Your Workouts

Keep a log of each workout you do:  your movements, reps, duration, and anything else you can think of. Write it down! Writing it down will give you something to refer back to. This helps you to continue to challenge yourself by knowing what you have done before.

So get a notebook, calendar or whatever else you have to write on and be sure to keep track of every workout. Also, keep it in a place where you can refer back often, like in your gym bag.

2. Change Up Your Workouts

When you do the same old workout with the same old rep scheme and weight every time you go to the gym, you aren’t going to get anywhere. In order to achieve your goals, your body needs to be pushed to new limits.

Try throwing different rep schemes and movements in your workouts according to your goals. Hit your muscles with workouts they have never experienced before. A great example of this is the Ideal Shape Up Challenge. Each workout is different from the last forcing your body to adapt and change for the better.


Here are some ideas:

3. Refocus Your Nutrition

If you are anything like me, you tend to go through what I call “nutrition cycles.” If I am training for a competition or trying to hit a new PR (Personal Record), I try to clean up my diet as best I can and eat to perform.

But after I reach my goal, if I do not have another goal in sight, I tend to start caring less about what I eat. It’s not that I jump off the boat all at once and start eating everything and anything. Usually it’s just a few subtle changes that add up overtime and these changes start affecting my training.

In order to get past this, you need to refocus your nutrition. Be sure you are getting the nutrients you need to perform at your highest potential. Take some time to regroup, make some goals, and get after them. Analyze what foods you were eating before, add some variety to keep it fresh, then return to what worked!

Specifically, make sure you’re doing the following:

4. Never Overlook An Injury

Give injuries the attention they need. If an injury requires taking some time off to fully heal, do it. In the long run, you will be way better off. Allowing your injuries to heal will prevent more serious injuries from occurring and will help you get back to 100% in less time.

If you are injured, be sure to get it checked out by a doctor and follow his instructions. Fully recovering will get you back on track toward reaching your goals much quicker than if you train while injured.

So if you’ve hit a workout plateau and don’t know where to go with your training, try these 4 tips to get your training back on track. Workout plateaus can be frustrating, but they don’t have to last forever. Take a step back, find where you’ve gone wrong, and fix it.

You’ll be back on track, losing weight, building muscle, and achieving your ideal shape in no time again!

By Wes Young

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wes young

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