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Take Our 4-Week Weight Loss Challenge!

weight loss challengeIdealShape friends:

Are you ready to take your weight loss program to the next level? Good! We’ve got the contest for you!

Here’s the Scoop:

Start Date: Monday, February 8, 2010 (This Monday!!!) Finish Date: Monday, March 8,2010

Goal: Lose the most inches and pounds of all contestants (by body weight percentage)

The Prize: A slimmer figure and $100 to spend any way you want!

To enter, all you have to do is start using at least one IdealShape product on Feb 8th. You’ll give us your starting weight and measurements as of Feb 8th, and a “before” picture taken on Feb 8th (don’t worry, we won’t put it on our website.)

On March 8, the one who has achieved the biggest change in “before” and “after” pictures, along with the highest percentage of body weight lost, will be the winner.

Your measurements will validate your “before” and “after” pictures, and will make your success tangible! You’ll measure the inches around your:

∙   Arm (middle of upper arm)

∙   Shoulders (span)

∙   Chest (middle of chest)

∙   Stomach (right above belly button)

∙   Hips (middle of glutes)

∙   Thigh (six inches up from top of the knee)

∙   Calves (middle)


And now, you’re probably wondering…

  1. How Do I Take My Measurements?

Get a measuring tape, either fabric or one of those plastic ones that rolls up into a handy little round container (you have 10 at the bottom of your junk drawer). Wrap the measuring tape around tightly enough that it lays flat against your skin, without pressing into your skin. Get a feel for your method so you can replicate it at the end of the Challenge.

2. Is This Going To Be Really Hard?

It will be a challenge—or this wouldn’t be a “Challenge!”—but once you get started, we bet you’ll find that it’s much easier than you expected. And your IdealShape products will pave the way. For example, let’s say you start replacing 1-2 meals a day with the IdealShape Weight Loss Shake. This will help you manage calories and give you more energy for your workouts, pushing you closer to your weight loss goal. Add ResveraShape and you’ll also get ample nutrients and enhanced metabolism. This quadruples your ability to lose weight and win the Challenge!

  1. 3. Can I Cheat?

No! But you can get the upper hand by reading all the professional, proven weight loss tips here in this blog. And if you want to double your advantage, check out www.askfitnesscoach.com for insider advice. (If you’re struggling with something during Week 2, post a question there and you’ll get an immediate response!)

Get Ready, Get Set…

Grab the IdealShape product of your choice, or—for best results—a combination of products. You’ll want to order now so you have them ready on Monday, Feb 8th to start the competition.

On the 8th, take your measurements and a “before” picture. Send them in an email that looks like this:

Subject Line: “Weight Loss Challenge”



Measurements (in inches):

IdealShape product(s) you are using:

Send the email to us at cristie@idealshape.com and you are entered in the competition!

Once you’ve entered, send us an e-mail every Monday between the Start and Finish dates. You don’t need to send updated pictures and measurements; you’ll just be checking in to say “Hey, it’s going great!” or “Hey, I’m craving soda and I hate you but I’m going to win this!” And on March 8th, send in your amazing results!

The 4-Week Weight Loss Challenge is THAT easy!

So are you ready to win $100?


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