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5 Amazing Thanksgiving Recipes

5 amazing Thanksgiving RecipesLet’s face it–Thanksgiving is not about being healthy. Hundreds of healthy websites are going to try to get page clicks by giving you ‘healthy Thanksgiving recipe ideas.’ Here’s the thing though, healthy eating just isn’t always going to fly on this day of gluttony. There are family traditions to work around, as well as ever-increasing food allergies to consider. Planning a well-balanced, healthy Thanksgiving can be a nightmare.


Also, Thanksgiving isn’t just about one person, so catering your food to one person’s diet isn’t fair. However, we want to help you prepare foods that are as healthy as possible, while still catering to your taste buds. So, below are some amazingly delicious recipe ideas from Carla Meine that will hit your calorie tracker hard. Some are healthier than what you might normally make, some are less so, but all of them are amazing! So, here are the 5 amazing Thanksgiving recipes for you to try:


These recipes will help beginners and experts alike to put on the balanced holiday meal that everyone will love:



Turkey Breast (Full Instructions)


This isn’t a full recipe per se, but immersing your turkey in a salt/sugar bath in the fridge for 8-24 hours before cooking helps create a tender bird that will have everyone happy. The recipe uses turkey breasts, so leftovers and clean up is a lot easier too.




Perfect Mashed Potatoes: (Recipe)


This is definitely not the healthiest recipe, but after years and years of making mashed potatoes, Carla gives her tips for the best mashed potatoes she has ever made.



Green Beans: (Recipe)


This is a quick, easy way to incorporate some delicious green beans as a side to your Thanksgiving table.

Oatmeal Wheat Rolls: (Recipe)


Looking to make your Thanksgiving a little healthier, but also want people raving about your awesome food? These rolls are delicious and a little bit healthier than the normal Holiday fair.



Spinach Salad: (Recipe)

This salad is a great starter before everyone gets to the real calorie killers. The sweetness of the raspberry vinaigrette perfectly counters the goat cheese crumbles for a uniquely delicious combination.


We hope you find these recipes valuable and would love to hear about any suggestions you have or feedback as to how well (or not) these were received by your guests. As always, if you want to maintain your weight loss goals through the Holidays, eat smaller portions and try either a meal replacement shake or a dose of NatralShape to block your hunger and stay on track!

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