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5 Foods to Avoid Before a Workout


Even though a pre-workout meal is an important part of achieving your fitness goals, there are some foods that you should try to avoid before your workout. Here we have listed five foods to avoid before a workout and the reason they should be avoided.

Carbonated Drinks

The last thing you want during a workout is to feel bloated and bogged down. Drinking soda before exercise can do just that. In addition, most carbonated drinks contain an excessive amount of sugar that you don’t want in your diet if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, if you are trying to lose weight it is probably a good idea to avoid soda all together.

Fast Food

This one should also be a given but you would be surprised at how many people grab a quick bite to eat on the way to the gym. If you are losing weight you should probably also avoid fast food. For the most part there is nothing good about fast food but the excessive amount of fat it contains can also hold you back during your workout. This trap can be avoided by planning your pre-workout meal in advance and not leaving your nutrition for on the go.



Another food many individuals tend to think is great before a workout is pasta. Pasta does contain a high amount of carbohydrates but the sauces and other toppings that tend to go with this dish may give you a bad case of heart burn. If you go for pasta before a workout it is best to have it plain or with a tomato based sauce. This will help you avoid the unwanted affects of other toppings.

Dairy Products

Did you know that 33% of all people are lactose intolerant? Think about that statistic and you will realize that most people should opt not to consume dairy products before working out. For these individuals, just consuming milk based ingredients alone may be enough to cause discomfort. Add in exercise to that discomfort and you have a recipe for disaster. If you know milk causes you stomach to rumble, it is probably a good idea to avoid it before a workout.


Anything that is Fiber Rich

Fiber rich foods are not digested well by the body and therefore can also cause discomfort during your workout when consumed beforehand. Some fiber rich foods you may not have thought to avoid are leafy green vegetables and high fiber bars. While these may be an important part of your diet, try to avoid them right before your workout in order to spare yourself from the discomfort that can occur.

Avoiding these five foods will not only help you avoid discomfort during your workout, but will also help you perform better during your workout. Think about it, if you are uncomfortable are you really going to be able to exercise at your best?

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