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5 Stress Relieving Exercises

Stress Relieving ExercisesIn last week’s article we discussed how exercise really can reduce stress. So today I am going to go over some exercises that you can implement into your routine that have been shown to help reduce negative stress in your life by forcing your body to exert excess energy and hormones.

Keep in mind, as we go through the following stress relieving exercises that everyone is different and what works for one person may not be appealing to another. Pick what works for you and try different forms of exercise that you think you may enjoy. Not only will this help you reach your goals, but if you enjoy the exercise you are doing, it won’t feel like a chore. You may even start looking forward to your exercise sessions every day.

1. Snowboarding/Skiing

During these winter months it can be easy to get unmotivated and you may not feel like pushing through a tough workout. However, one of the best forms of stress reducing exercise can only be done in the wintertime. This is good news for those of you who enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Getting up in the mountains and hitting the slopes may be just the thing you need in order to break up the daily routine and release some of that unwanted stress.

2. Hiking/Snowshoeing

Along the same lines as skiing, hiking and snowshoeing are more great excuses to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Hiking and snowshoeing are also great forms of exercise and can really get your blood flowing. Grab a friend, hit the trails and leave your troubles behind!

3. Running

Runners are some of the happiest, most positive people I know. This is no coincidence either because for many, running is a great way to relieve stress. The great thing about running is that it is easy to get into because it is basically free. Get out, start running and reap the many benefits it has to offer.

4. Weight Lifting

When it comes to forcing your body to exert excess energy, weight lifting is definitely an activity to consider adding to your daily routine. Weight lifting also has many other benefits including increases in lean muscle mass. This is an essential part of improving body composition while working toward your ideal shape.

5. Once again… Join the Ideal Shape Up Challenge!

As we have mentioned before, joining the IdealShape Up Challenge is a great way to help you reduce stress and while bringing you closer to your ideal shape. The challenge includes both running and weightlifting routines along with many other workouts to get you up and moving. You can also interact with other people taking the challenge on our Facebook page and motivate them to reach their goals as well.

If you are haunted by unwanted amounts of excess stress in your life, give some of these stress relieving exercises a try. Like I said, pick the forms of exercise you are going to enjoy in order to avoid demotivation.

If you have found a type of exercise that has helped you overcome excess amounts of stress in your life, we would love to hear about them. Comment below and tell us your favorite forms of exercise.

By Wes Young

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