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5 Things You Should Know About Calories

equalMany of us know that a Calorie isn’t a thing, but actually just a measurement of heat. In fact, they used to burn food and place it in water, and based on rise in temperature of the water, they could tell how many calories the food had. The idea that “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie” isn’t quite accurate. So here’s 5 things you should know about calories that you might not already.

1. Not Every Calorie Counts:

The Calories in vs. Calories out method of weight loss misses a major factor, and that’s not every calorie you consume is absorbed into your body. In fact, a studies show that people with diets consisting of high fibers (60g daily, which is crazy high) passed 20% of the calories in their body without ever having it absorbed into their system.

2. Not All Calories Are Created Equal:

We’ve seen it on labels where it mentions the number of calories from fat and most of us have become pretty accustomed to ignoring that number. It’s actually pretty important. Not every calorie is the same, some come from fat, some from carbs/sugars, and some from protein. Each one is digested differently and burn differently. Calories from fat are more likely to be stored in the body.

3. Not All Exercise Will Get the Results You Want.

Our bodies are actually pretty lazy. When we burn calories and exercise, we break down the muscles in our body, and it takes a lot of energy to rebuild those muscles. Let’s say you’re trying to get rid of stomach fat or arm fat, running isn’t the best way to go about it. The fat from your stomach/arms isn’t going to be used to repair the muscles in your legs. Your body is going to pull energy from the fat closest to the muscle that needs repair. Targeting trouble areas and using a variety of different exercises will give you more desirable results.

4. Your body knows fuel efficiency.

Why the Atkins diet became popular (and works to a certain extent) is based on the simple knowledge that carbs burn differently than fat. Carbs are more efficient so they provide more energy per calorie but take longer to burn. However, if you have only proteins(middle ground) and fats (most inefficient) to provide energy then your body is working overtime. Some people might feel lethargic on the Atkins plan because you are using a different, less efficient form of energy.

5. It all ends up the same.

Most of us have that crass uncle that chooses to talk about…waste…during those big family meals. And while it’s a disturbing dinner time conversation, he’s more right than he knows. Your body uses the immediate energy of the food (and while food takes about a day to fully digest) within four hours of eating the entirety of your meal is transformed into one of two things. Waste or fat. Like we said earlier, our bodies are kind of lazy and fat is the easiest thing to store. Carbs, Proteins, Sugars; it all gets turned to fat. This is another reason why eating five small meals is important. If your body can use everything in the meal, then there is no fat conversion necessary.

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