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5 Ways To Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Over the past 10 years working in the weight loss industry, as some of my clients have successfully begun to lose weight they have also had to also deal with the new dreaded problem of loose skin. I know that it can be incredibly frustrating to finally have reached your weight loss goal, and then suddenly have to deal with this new loose skin issue.

After all is said and done, I’ve learned that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So I’m here to help you figure out how to keep your skin tight and supple, while losing healthy weight!

So listen up if you’re still on your weight loss journey, this post can save you from serious stress in the future!

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What Doesn’t Work

If I had a nickel for every product I’ve purchased that didn’t live up to its claims, I’d be a rich woman! So, before I dish out the top five ways to prevent loose skin after weight loss, I wanted to identify first what isn’t worth your time.

Encouraging circulation to the skin is a preventative approach that some swear as life-changing, yet many don’t experience these promised results. Some connect topical skin stimulation with increased circulation, and thereby all of the skin rejuvenating and tightening benefits enjoyed by increased circulation. This includes those oh-so-popular body wraps, spa skin treatments, massages, and dry brushing techniques.

I don’t want to burst anyone’s wrap-bubble here (see what I did there??), but there isn’t actually any medical evidence to support this cause and effect relationship. So in my personal opinion these are not really worth the time or the money!


Body wrapping in spa room

Now that you know what doesn’t work to prevent loose skin, here’s what actually does work:

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Female Jogger Resting and Drinking Bottled Water

As if you needed another reason to drink more water? Beyond what it does for your energy and overall weight loss, staying hydrated is one of the biggest contributors to skin elasticity. So important, in fact, that The American College of Sports Medicine reported that individuals who stay adequately hydrated along the entirety of their weight loss journey are less likely to have severe sagging skin.

4. Eat a balanced diet.

friends chopping vegetables

Your diet should include lots of veggies and fruits! Particularly those high in Vitamins A, E, and C, as these have been proven to combat free radicals. Free radicals are pesky little buggers that destroy skin’s basic components: collagen and elastin. Those three essential vitamins are easy to get in a recommended daily amount through the food you eat. Fruits like pomegranates, berries, citrus and vegetables like leafy greens and corn are great sources of Vitamins A, E, and C. Get your daily doses in the easy way with fruit and vegetable filled smoothies. It’s an easier task to accomplish when it’s delicious.

3. Fill any gaps with the right supplements.


It’s critical that your diet supplies the perfect balance of nutrients to accelerate weight loss and promote overall health. Other nutrients can work wonders in building skin elasticity, but it’s harder to get them through a normal diet.

One such example is gelatin, which has been shown in some studies to increase elasticity in skin. Another example is fish oil, as one of its multiple benefits includes improving the skin elasticity in women.

However, there is also the option of taking a collagen supplement, such as IdealCollagen. Collagen makes up about 30 percent of the protein in your body, and it is known as a binding supplement that provides support for the skin and holds muscle and joint fibers together.

So collagen is super important when it comes to your skin health… especially when it comes to weight loss and loose skin! Taking IdealCollagen can help support your skin from the inside out, and strengthen its’ elasticity and ability to hold its’ firmness and form even after significant weight loss.

2. Incorporate lean muscle building workouts.

Woman workout with dumbbells

As you’re losing the layer of fat, you need to replace it with lean muscle to help fill up the space that results in excess skin. Including workouts like resistance training into your weekly routine helps build muscle mass and improve the appearance of sagging skin, according to The American Council on Exercise. If you need a bit of direction with what workouts to include, check out my IdealShape For life Challenge! These simple yet effective workouts have been designed to help anyone lose fat and build toned muscle in just 30 minutes a day! You can even do these workouts at home! 

1. Lose weight slowly!

Trainer Kami drinking high protein IdealShake post-workout.

The absolute best way to prevent loose skin is to lose weight in a gradual and consistent fashion. When you lose around 1-2 pounds per week, you give your skin time to adjust gradually to its ever-shrinking size. Furthermore, when you rapidly drop pounds, you’re not losing as much fat as you would with a more modest rate of weight loss. Instead, you’ll most likely lose water weight or even lean tissue. Your body just can’t burn up that many fat calories in a short period of time.

This can be less than ideal, I know. Who wants slow weight loss? But a gradual approach is necessary. Not only to avoid excess skin, but in your ability to truly change your lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race guys!!

How To Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss can be incredibly frustrating, and already takes discipline and hard work. Now add on top of your weight loss the issue of loose, extra skin and it can just totally deflate your new self-confidence!!

That’s why it’s important to take care of your skin from the inside out, and help strengthen its’ elasticity and suppleness! So make some changes today and say goodbye to those loose skin fears!

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Kami Price

Kami Price

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Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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