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5 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout on Your Busiest Days

Can you remember the last time you had the whole day all to yourself? No appointments to keep, no errands to run, no meals to prepare?

Neither can I.

These days it seems like everyone is busy, all the time.

So if we let being busy become an excuse to skip our daily exercise, we would literally never work out!

Here are my 5 favorite ways to fit a workout into your busy schedule.

1. The Early Bird Gets the Workout

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Afternoons and evening can get pretty crazy. You have to make dinner, help kids with homework, run errands, the list goes on and on! And when you’re not busy you’re usually too drained to make it to the gym anyways.

Try getting up early to fit a 30-minute workout in before your day gets busy. Not only will you get your workout out of the way, but you’ll also feel energized and pumped for the rest of the day.

2. Workout at Work

If you’re desk-bound for most of the day it can be hard to avoid the sedentary lifestyle but, unfortunately, it can have some pretty serious consequences.

Recent studies have found the typical sedentary lifestyle of an office worker can put you at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer!

Try fitting in some exercise throughout your day with these office-friendly moves!

3. Make It a Family Affair


Family time is important, but so is investing time in yourself and your health. Instead of sacrificing your goals for your family, invite your family along! Not only will you be spending time together you’ll get your family on board with your healthy habits.

This is a great way to teach kids the importance of health and exercise. When they see you making your health a priority they’ll be more likely to make those same kinds of decisions as well.

4. TV Time = Exercise Time


TV time isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Couch potato time, on the other hand, is.

It’s okay to sit back and enjoy your show but, during commercial breaks, it’s time to work it! And, yes, I know you have DVR and you want to fast forward through those commercials.

But by using the commercial time to exercise you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Rotate between these four exercises and don’t sit down until the commercial break is over.

Give it all you’ve got and don’t back down, you’ll get a great workout and you’ll catch up on your favorite show at the same time!

5. Make Your Commute a Workout


Sometimes the most exercise we get is between our car and our seat, which is less than ideal. If you live close enough to your workplace try jogging, walking or biking. You’ll be more energized by the time you get to work and you’ll save some gas.

If work is too far to ditch the car, try parking farther away. If you take public transportation to work, try getting off a stop or two earlier and jog the rest of the way.


Some days it isn’t easy to find the time to work out. But with a little creativity, it can be done!

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