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The 5 Worst Health Trends of 2013

Every year the health industry tries to reinvent the wheel–sometimes with results that improve our knowledge of our body and create sustainable weight loss…

Then there are trends that have us scratching our heads…



1 – “Drunkorexia”

dunkorexiaThis one sounds almost too stupid to be true, but then again, a lot of the ones on this list fall into that category, so let’s talk. For those of you unaware, ‘drunkorexia’ is the idea that you should skip meals during days when you plan on drinking to make up for the excess calories in the alcohol.

BONUS: because you haven’t eaten as much you get drunk faster, and need to drink less!

Let’s see, where do I begin with my thoughts on this strategy? How about with, “This is not a thing that should exist and everything about it is horrible.”

Yeah, that about covers it.


2 – Hot (Insert Activity Here)

You’ve got a great calorie busting workout that’s kicking your butt. You know what you should do? Do that exact same workout in really hot temperatures so you burn more calories…


so…healthy, you guys


Look, if you’re doing a proper workout then the bonus heat will burn less calories than, say, doing a sturdier workout in a better climate. Also dehydrating yourself is terrible for your health and that’s what these workouts tend to do.


3 – The BulletProof Diet

This is a great new diet that tells you that you should put butter in your coffee.


You guys, I don’t even know what to say…


4 – Vibration Machines

vibratingThese might be a 2012/2013 crossover, or you could just say they are from a blast from the past. Do you remember those old vibrating belt machines that would jiggle away the fat? Yeah, they’re back, but this time they increase blood flow and reduce cellulite. The only problem is, of course that the weight loss claims haven’t held out in any 3rd party studies.

That’s an awful lot of money to spend on something that just doesn’t seem to work…


5 –  Gluten-Free


I believe we talked about this last year, but this one seems to be gaining popularity instead of going away as it should. So I will say it again:

Unless you have a gluten allergy, gluten is GOOD for you!

Stop getting rid of healthy things because some people are allergic guys. It’s not helpful in any way, shape, or form.


As the year ends let’s hope that these are some of the things that go the way of 2013. Away.

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