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6 Weight Loss Fads That Aren’t Gimmicks

With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know which weight loss crazes really work and which ones are nothing more than hype. So often a product, diet, or regimen sounds incredible. You read about substantial weight loss in record time and without minimal effort. These claims are usually backed up by someone who attests to the quality of the product. They show a before picture of them when they were heavy and then an after picture replete with glistening muscles and toned abs. They swear all they did was use the product in question to get the results you see in the picture, and only for a short period of time. It’s intoxicating, that lure of great results with minimal effort. People begin to think they can do it too. They want to lose weight; they want to look like the person in the picture.

So, what do they do? They grab the phone, order the product they just saw on TV (along with the add-ons at checkout that are supposed to increase weight loss and enhance results, of course) and feel good about themselves for doing it. The feeling may last until the product gets to them, but it may not. They may pop in the DVD or try the pills or drops once or twice, but may not. If they do try the product and the results don’t seem to come as quickly for them as they expected, they become disheartened and stop.

The bottom line is it all seemed too good to be true… and it was.

But not everything that sounds like it’s been sprinkled with fairy dust is a gimmick. Here are 6 weight loss fads that actually work:

There was once aerobics, then kickboxing, and now there’s HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the newest trend in cardiovascular training. HIIT builds upon the principle of exhausting your cardiovascular endurance in short bursts, then easing off into an active recovery state while gearing up to do it all over again. This enhanced version of interval training is designed to accelerate weight loss and increase cardio capacity.

Meal Replacement Shakes
People are always looking for ways to reduce their caloric intake while dieting. Drinking a protein shake actually does what it says it will, which is fill you up and give you the nutritional value you need to maintain health.

Body Wraps
There once was a product that administered an electric shock to the area it laid upon to encourage the skin and fat to contract and tighten. That didn’t work. But Crazy Wrap Life does work. The wrap has coating of botanical ingredients that absorb into the skin, triggering tightening, toning, and a youthful appearance.

Who knew relaxing your body really does help with other aspects of your life? Yoga restores balance in your life in more ways than one. The mental and physical benefits of maintaining a practice are amazing.

Low Calorie Diets
Low… not no. The logic behind this is simple – you must reduce your caloric intake to lose weight. Going to a lower in calorie diet will jumpstart you metabolism like nothing else.

Not Eating At Night
If you stop eating four hours before you go to bed, you will find that your body runs more efficiently and you lose weight… really.

So, the morale of the story is: don’t discount everything that seems too good to be true. Do your due diligence and be safe.

andy haigh

andy haigh

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