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8 Unhealthy Eating Habits Fixed by a Meal Replacement Shake

Hey guys!

You probably already know this about me, but I LOVE meal replacement shakes!

A meal replacement shake is more than just a low-calorie meal. With convenience, versatility and appetite control, a meal replacement shake can help you complete a total nutrition and fitness makeover on the way to reaching your weight loss goals!.

A high-quality weight loss shake can be the first step to a healthy lifestyle and can help you completely change your perception of food.

I’ve seen our meal replacement shake, IdealShake, help thousands of individuals change habits and find their ideal simply by changing eating habits!

Here are eight unhealthy eating habits that a meal replacement shake can fix.

Problem #1 Eating Too Many Calories

Woman blending up an Chocolate IdealShake smoothie.

Many people eat more calories than their bodies need, and you’d be shocked how quickly those calories add up. Researchers from Cornell University found that people who are overweight tend to underestimate their calorie intake by 30-40%!

Solution: A meal replacement shake takes care of the calorie counting conundrum: you have a fixed calorie amount (around 110-120 calories in IdealShake) and it’s fairly easy to keep track of any calories you add with smoothie add-ins.

If a shake has built-in appetite control, like IdealShake does, it can also help you successfully reduce calories without the boomerang effect (read: getting hungry between meals and adding hundreds of calories per three-minute unplanned snack attack).

Problem #2 Skipping Breakfast

In my experience, people who skip breakfast are much less likely to lose weight and to keep it off. You set yourself up to enter the “hunger danger zone” around late morning, which is the land of unplanned meals and impulsive snacking (see habit #1).

A study from Virginia Commonwealth University found that people who ate a big breakfast ultimately lost more weight than even those who ate a modest breakfast.

You don’t need to eat a huge breakfast, especially if you’re following our five meal a day plan, but this underscores our point about hunger control.

Breakfast starts your day on the right foot, especially if it includes the ingredients to fuel your willpower by keeping you full.

Solution: If you’re pressed for time, it takes just two minutes to make a nutritious breakfast smoothie with a great balance of protein and carbs for fullness.

Just toss some fruit and a little Greek yogurt into a blender with your meal replacement shake powder and you’re set! (Don’t even have time for that? See #8.)

Problem #3 Not Exercising Regularly

You could hit the gym after work… but you haven’t eaten for hours and a no-energy workout is hardly worth it. Then again, if you go home for dinner first, you’ve got a heavy meal in your gut for hours. What are the chances you’ll really work out later in the evening?

It’s hard to be motivated to exercise when your meals aren’t timed right. When you haven’t eaten for hours, your energy levels are going to be at rock bottom!

Solution: A meal replacement shake steps in here as perfect pre-workout fuel. It’s a light meal with enough carbs and protein to deliver both quick and sustained energy, yet it won’t weigh you down. You can even take it right into the gym with you.

Knowing that you’re amplifying the results of every push-up and lunge by facilitating lean muscle development (IdealShake does this) is great motivation!

For maximum energy, here’s a guide for blending up the perfect workout smoothie

Problem #4 Skimping on Vegetables

Trainer Kaytlin making a Vanilla IdealShake smoothie.

Most of us don’t get the recommended amount of vegetables in our daily diet (in fact, not even close).

Vegetables are literally my secret weapon in weight loss because they’re low calorie and fill me up for hours. They’re also essential for health and reducing disease risk.

But it’s not easy to load up on vegetables if you don’t get an early start. While I love to sauté a skillet full of vegetables and whip up an egg frittata, that’s not practical on weekdays.

Solution: green smoothies.

You can pack a smoothie with spinach, kale, swiss chard, dandelion, collards (or even IdealGreens) that taste great with IdealShake, a drop of honey, some yogurt, and a banana or wedge of avocado.

Get the Kiwi Coconut Protein Smoothie recipe in our free Smoothie Recipe Book

Problem #5 Having Lunch or Dinner Late

Drinking idealshake

Eating evenly spaced meals throughout the day is a smart goal—not only because it helps to keep your glucose and energy levels stable, but because it controls hunger and cravings like I mentioned above. For the same reason that skipping breakfast is troublesome, having a late lunch or late dinner can open the door to less healthy choices when you do finally sit down to eat.

Work schedules and unexpected tasks definitely make eating on-time tricky sometimes, though.

Solution: Have a meal replacement shake on hand!

This way you can ensure that you get a meal on time, so you’re less likely to get to that starvation point where anything goes… into your mouth!

Problem #6 Forgetting Your Multivitamin

Supplementing the nutrients you get from foods can help ensure that your vitamin levels are optimal each day. But some morning you can be in such a rush that you totally forget to take your vitamins!

Solution: A high-quality meal replacement shake is a great source of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

That means if you tend to forget about taking your daily multivitamins (guilty), your shake has you covered!

IdealShake provides fiber and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Adding some fruit or making a green smoothie will give your immune system a boost too (berries, oranges, kale, and spinach are a few terrific sources of antioxidants).

(If you are looking for a great multivitamin, check out IdealVitamin. It’s got enzymes that boost your body’s resistance to exhaustion (score!) and boosts fat burning. The antioxidants in the multivitamin support a healthy immune system, help cholesterol, and even contributes to healthy eyesight!)

Problem #7 Over-indulging in Sweets

Salted Caramel IdealShake tub and delicious drink.

Refined sugar is a major contributing factor to diabetes, obesity and numerous chronic diseases. But it’s tough to control the persistent craving for sweets.

Even if you don’t normally have a sweet tooth, things like stress, lack of sleep and extreme hunger can trigger strong sugary carb cravings.

Some studies have even shown that eating sugar leads to craving more sugar. But it can be SO hard to say no when that sweet tooth starts calling!

Solution: A meal replacement shake can help you avoid that sticky path altogether.

A shake that’s low in sugar or sweetened with a sugar alternative lets you indulge in something desserty without the high sugar content.

You can feel satisfied with your “sweet fix” but not trigger cravings for more, especially if your shake has a hunger-blocker built in.

Problem #8 Eating Fast Food

We can’t help but go for what’s convenient. When the choice is between cooking and grabbing a fast bite, you’ll usually choose the latter.

While the occasional cheeseburger won’t kill you, it rarely stays “occasional” for long. It’s easy to fall into a habit of relying on fast food once a week, then twice… and soon you’re adding high-calorie, high-fat, highly processed foods to your diet on a regular basis.

It’s better to save fast food splurges for planned weekly cheat meals. But how do you enjoy the convenience factor and avoid fast-food at the same time?

Solution: A meal replacement shake is the ultimate in convenience.

Keep a shake tub or portioned-out baggies of shake mix in your purse or car so that on days when you’re rushed, you can grab a bottle of water, pour it into a shaker bottle and make a quick meal on the go.

You never have to be at the mercy of unplanned fast food and gas station grabs!

Fix Your Unhealthy Eating Habits with a Meal Replacement Shake

Lindsey with IdealShake

We all have unhealthy eating habits that we can change and improve. A high-quality meal replacement shake like IdealShake can help you change those bad habits and reach your goals.

In a study published by the University of Melbourne, people who used a meal replacement shake lost weight faster than those who didn’t. Because they saw results faster, they stayed motivated: 81% of the shake-drinkers achieved their target weight loss, compared with 50% of the gradual dieters.

Incorporate meal replacement shakes into your daily nutrition and you have a great chance of crossing “achieve ideal shape” off your wish list!

Get the best tasting meal replacement shake that can help you finally achieve your weight loss goals! Get IdealShake!

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Lindsey Mathews

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