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A Case Study You’ll Have to Read to Believe

There are thousands of weight loss stories out there. Some are more dramatic than others. Sure, it’s amazing when someone’s life is transformed for the better because they lost a ton of weight.

Life carries on though, doesn’t it? Challenges don’t stop just because you’ve overcome a huge one. How will you respond to the next life challenge though? Will you revert to the old habits that caused your weight gain to begin with?

At IdealShape, our passion is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and be able to maintain it for the rest of their lives no matter what challenges they may face.

This story is an update about our first Ship Shape Challenge contest winner from two years ago: Jenna Leach.

To recap her story, she was a military wife of 2 children who weighed 186 lbs. After giving birth to her 2nd child, her husband got deployed and she got really depressed.

She noticed she was using pregnancy as an excuse for being overweight. Something had to change. She couldn’t let her husband come home from active duty and see her like this again.

She had unsuccessfully tried every diet out there and had almost given up when she found IdealShape. After 3 months, she lost 6 dress sizes and 67 lbs! Incredible!

Her husband returned home from service to find a wife who was healthy, happy, full of energy, and had 2 tickets for a 7-Day Cruise in hand! What a spectacular homecoming!

Well, it’s been 2 years now and guess what? She’s expecting her 3rd child! Since pregnancy was a major weight gain sabotage for her before, we interviewed Jenna to see how her pregnancy is going this time around and here’s her story:

“I love my IdealShape family!” said Jenna with a huge smile in her voice. “I’ve been able to maintain my ideal shape for the last 2 years because of all the things I’ve learned. IdealShape has helped me change my way of thinking about food and given me the tools to make healthy choices.”

“I haven’t been afraid that this pregnancy would cause me to gain excessive weight because I have the knowledge and experience to handle myself better now,” explained Jenna confidently. “In my previous pregnancies, I didn’t know what to do to stay healthy, so I just packed on the weight and ate whatever I craved.”

“Don’t get me wrong–I still go out and have an OREO shake at Denny’s now and then,” joked Jenna, “but the difference this time around is that I can handle the cravings better. Instead of eating a candy bar, I’ll add some sweet fruit to my IdealShake each day.”

Jenna continued, “My whole attitude towards life has changed now. I’m healthier, happier, self-confident, and have the energy to keep up with my other two children despite being 8 months pregnant even!”

To help maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, she’s doing the free IdealShape UP Challenge workout program at a lower rate. “Everyone in the IdealShape family community is so supportive. I’m constantly encouraged and motivated by my fellow Challenge Winners to keep going.”

Jenna said that IdealShape doesn’t offer a fad diet; rather, it’s a healthy “lifestyle change.” After her 3rd child is born, she intends on returning to her pre-pregnancy regimen of 2 IdealShakes per day and continuing with the IdealShape UP Challenge.

“I’m going to get back to Park City, Utah again with all the other Challenge Winners after I lose all this weight!” promised Jenna. “IdealShape has opened up so many doors for me. I used to be sitting on my couch, overweight and depressed and now I’m inspiring others on IdealShape’s website and product packaging!”

Congratulations to Jenna for keeping the weight off and maintaining her ideal shape for the last 2 years and throughout her pregnancy! She has overcome her biggest saboteur and will no doubt lose all her pregnancy weight again.

So, would you like to see a current photo of her? Yeah, we thought so! She’s due June 10th. Doesn’t she look amazing?!!

By Scott Eggenberger

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