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A New Valentines Date

valentinesDuring this Valentines season I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they think Valentines is a stupid holiday that they refuse to celebrate. There are also many couples that do celebrate it with a fancy dinner, chocolates, cookies, and other sweets. Well, Valentines Day is not an approved day to take off of your diet, because one day leads to 2, 2 days to 3, and on and on. We’re only about 7 weeks into the year, you can’t give up yet!

So, I came up with a brilliant new idea for a Valentines date: Skip dinner, add a protein shake, and hit the gym. Sounds silly, right? Your girlfriend would kill you, right? You’re wrong. You don’t have to hit the weights, maybe the basketball court. A little friendly competition is good for a relationship, you can see each others true colors.

For many men, sports are an important part of their lives and being able to share that with their significant other is important. Many women find that seeing their man in action is actually a turn on and can really have an effect on a relationship.

And another benefit of this is the fact that it’s cheap or even free depending on where you go. Dates don’t have to be expensive every night, just something that shows you put some thought into it goes a long way with the ladies.

And ladies, if he asks you out on a date like this, don’t shoot him down. Trying something new never killed anyone, this might just be more fun than you ever imagined.

In the movie “Legally Blonde”, Elle says, “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” So when you’re exercising you’re happy, when you’re happy the relationship goes much better.

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