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Active Stretching Before Exercise

There has been a lot of controversy lately on when you should stretch and what is the proper way to go about stretching, such as: should you stretch before or after your workout, is static or dynamic stretching the right way and so forth. While each different source may have valid points, we are going to discuss a way that is tried and true toward helping you reach your fitness goals.

We are high proponents of active stretching before you workout and the benefits it can have on your health and fitness. So let’s get into the benefits of stretching and then follow up with the proper way to go about active stretching.

Benefits Of Active Stretching

Stretching can do a number of things to improve your health and fitness. When done correctly before a workout, stretching can help you reduce the risk of injury during exercise. This is because it gets your blood flowing to your muscles and prepares your muscles to work through their full range of motion.

It is because of these pre-workout benefits that we are such proponents of active stretching. Actively stretching your muscles through their full range of motion is superior to static stretching when it comes to increasing blood flow to muscle tissue and activating your muscle fibers.

Active Stretching Routine

There are many different movements that you can perform to actively stretch your muscles and get them ready for a workout. Here we are going to provide you with some of our favorites. You can follow our active stretching routine before your workouts using this video.

Now that you know the benefits of active stretching, start incorporating it into your routine. Get those muscles ready to go before your workout in order to train at your best and prevent injury.

By Wes Young

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