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My Mother’s Best Kept Health Secret: Alligator Pears

Avocados, alligator pearLife is so busy that, if you are like me, you need to make every second count. I really care about nutrition, yet I struggle to find time to make healthy meals. So, I need quick, easy, and nutrient-packed foods that are ready to eat!

I’ve discovered my new favorite – the alligator pear. Ok, I know we all grew up calling it an avocado, but alligator pear is its ancient name and sounds more exciting, don’t you think?

As a kid, I was hesitant to try my mother’s favorite food and she was more than happy to keep it to herself. Now that I am mature, responsible and can do research, I understand why my mother still looks amazing and has tons of energy at age 72.

Here’s the secret of this super fruit, Alligator Pears or Avocados:

  • Super high in Vitamin C (involved in protein metabolism, aids in immune function, is an antioxidant, helps healing, and more)
  • A great source of fiber at 10 grams (can lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and prevent colon cancer)
  • A good source of potassium (helps prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke; aids in nerve, muscle, and organ function, as well as water balance)
  • An abundant source of Vitamin K, folate, and B6 (bone building, may prevent birth defects, heart disease, and cancer)

Some may think that alligator pears are too high in fat to be healthy, but not all fats are bad and avocados have just what the body needs for healthy function.

One alligator pear has 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat and 2 grams of saturated fat. The unsaturated fat improves blood cholesterol levels. The 2 grams of saturated fat are not harmful when eaten in the avocado’s natural proportions. A certain amount of fat is essential to good health and alligator pears provide the ideal type and amount.

Another fantastic thing about alligator pears is the variety of ways to enjoy one. Buy a bunch at the beginning of the week and enjoy one each day:

  • Spread on whole wheat toast, sprinkled with sea salt and pepper
  • Blended in a smoothie with blueberries and mangos
  • Diced in a spring salad
  • Slivered in California sushi rolls
  • Diced with tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt
  • Sliced on top of an omelet
  • Spiced up and smashed for guacamole

Alligator Pears have been energizing people for thousands of years. There must be as many ways to eat them as there are bumps on an alligator’s back. Go crazy! Try them whipped in ice cream or diced and dipped in soy sauce, or just dig in with a spoon.

The point is: walk past the Cheetos on the grocery isle and stock up on alligator pears to add flavor, variety, energy, youth, and health to your life. Hint: you may have to look under ‘avocado…’

If you don’t want to rediscover the avocado for yourself, then do it for your children. They will come to recognize your brilliance and thank you later for their fantastic health, just like I did.

Thanks, Mom!

By April Seeley


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