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A Stunning Figure: Most Americans Have Tried to Lose Weight


lose weightReader’s Digest discovered in their recent nationwide diet poll that 72% of Americans have tried to lose weight. “Not surprisingly,” wrote fitness writer Joe Kita in the February edition, “women are much more likely to have done so than men—85 percent versus 59 percent.”

When we wrote about body image a few weeks ago, our research found that the ladies tend to be more critical of their bodies than the guys. Could that be why so many more women than men were trying to get in shape last year?

Of course, negative body image and media messages shouldn’t be the driving factors in weight loss. The best reason to get in shape is health. And, in fact, Kita reported that of those surveyed, most said they were motivated to shed fat for health reasons. A slimmer figure was just a bonus.

Being overweight or obese can have a detrimental impact on health and longevity. That’s why the government is getting involved: they reported that “forty to 50 million US adults do not meet recommended physical activity (PA) levels.” In response to this health crisis, they issued the first-ever official Physical Activity Guidelines in 2008, and they’ll be updating the plan this year.

As Americans become better educated about their health (and the real ingredients in fast food), it’s likely that even more will take control of their health and begin holistic weight loss programs in 2010. But will it be more women than men again this year?

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