Annamarie Pearce

I am 29 years old, a mother to 4 beautiful children, and a military wife. It seemed like with each child I hung on to more and more weight. But being a busy stay at home mom I just never made the time to take care of myself. I put my family first, and me last.

My wake up call came shortly after my sons first birthday while my husband and I were at the Marine Corps ball, when another wife thought I was expecting; I was crushed! I couldn’t believe I looked the way I did. I decided I needed a change. I started several different programs, but nothing seemed to be working and they were hard to stick to, so I gave up. I felt very discouraged, and my self-esteem plummeted. Then on top of struggling with losing the weight I’d put on from 2 back to back pregnancies, we found out we were expecting baby number 4.

I researched things while I was pregnant to help me shed the weight and get healthy once and for all. That’s when I found Ideal shape. I looked at the website and thought, this is it! This is what’s going to change me. Not only was I excited about the weight loss aspect of it, but the health benefits as well. I am hypoglycemic and when you don’t eat well you feel tired and moody not to mention the fainting spells. Before Ideal Shape I never felt good. I was exhausted all the time, my attitude was not very good because I felt awful about my self.

Since starting Ideal Shape I have not had one low blood sugar episode. My blood sugar stays steady all day. I wake up feeling good and ready for whatever the day may bring. I can run around with my kids, keep up with their activities, and maintain an exercise schedule of six days a week. I used to think that this was the body I had to live with because I was a mom, that it didn’t matter if I was unhealthy as long as my kids were healthy. But now I realize that in order to be a better mother and wife I need to be healthy too. This has been not only a lifestyle change for me, but for my family too. We are a healthier more active family.

I have lost 40 lbs since starting Ideal Shape at the end of January. My confidence is back, my self esteem is better than ever, and I’m living a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, Ideal Shape, for changing my life!!!

lizzy pinckney

lizzy pinckney

Writer and expert

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