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Are You In A Sleep Debt?

Find out, and try our tips for a perfect night’s rest


Body shaping requires more than exercising and eating right. There are so many factors involved in achieving your ideal shape, and chances are, sleep plays a bigger role than you realize.


sleepCan’t Get to Sleep?

Despite an increased awareness of the importance of sleep, many still don’t log enough Zzzzs. We put so much focus on the day hours—stretching them to the max—that sleep is the last thing to figure into our schedule.

The result? Most Americans get less than the needed 7-8 hours a night and ultimately wind up in “slept debt.” Even if you’re spending 8 hours in bed, it’s no guarantee you’re getting quality sleep. If you feel groggy in the morning or get slapped with afternoon fatigue, you might be “in debt.”

Constant sleep debt makes it impossible for your body to function in tip-top shape, which includes maintaining your ideal weight. Sleep imbalance can throw everything from metabolism to appetite off course. And despite what you might think, you can’t under-sleep during the week and make up for it on the weekend.

Ready to whip your sleeping habits into shape? Try these four ways to make the most of your nights.

Nestle In… 4 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

1. Go to bed on time. Irregular bedtimes are the main ingredient in a bad night’s sleep. Random sleep times perplex your body clock and make it hard to adjust to any kind of cycle. Long daytime naps (more than 20 minutes) tend to hinder rather than help.

2. Turn off technology a few hours before bed. For one, our TV and computers tempt us to stay up into the wee hours of the night. And two, the light emanated from screens has been proven to keep us awake longer. Why? The light causes the breakdown of melatonin, just like sunlight, which tells the brain to wake up.

3. If your bedroom is bright or noisy at night, don’t even attempt to doze off without a comfortable sleep mask and ear plugs. Consider noise-canceling headphones if it’s really bad.

4. Make hypnotherapy part of your bedtime ritual. Not only does having a before-bed ritual tell your brain that it’s time to wind down, but hypnotherapy can clear your mind and relax your thoughts for a rich night of rest.

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If you have a long night, don’t discount the effect a good power nap can have.

Sleep imbalance can throw everything from metabolism to appetite off course—and these are two things you want to function like clockwork if you’re going to keep your IdealShape.

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andy haigh

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