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Attack of the Bottomless Restaurant Soda

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500 un-filling calories… coming right up!

Trying to fight against soda upselling tactics (“$1 any size”) and servers’ soda refilling skills (they’re like ninjas!) is futile.

It’s like restaurants want us to be fat.

Just picture the last time you went out to eat. It likely took a while to be seated and place your order. By this time, you were probably really hungry. If you ordered a soda, like many people do for “special occasions” like dining out, then it arrived immediately — and you drank it while chatting and waiting for your food.

Chances are the server brought a second glass of soda before your meal came, and you absent-mindedly drank that second glass too. Maybe even a third.

By the way, have you noticed that most servers don’t even ask if you want a refill? They just replace your empty glass with a full one, lickety-split, and you keep sipping without even realizing it’s a new drink.

Boom: you just consumed 500 sugary calories before your meal even arrived. But here’s the real problem: sugary drinks have ZERO affect on fullness.

Hey, Where Did That 500 Calories Go?

Not only can we drink glass after glass of soda without realizing it, but we’ll still go and eat a full-calorie meal. Those empty calories don’t affect hunger one bit. This is how people can drink a 32-oz soda (270 calories), then still eat a Burger King Whopper with cheese (790 calories) and medium fries (400 calories).

If you tried to eat 1,460 calories in food alone, chances are you would explode.

It doesn’t only happen at restaurants. If you have a 500-calorie home-cooked dinner of chicken, baked potato and veggies, you’re still in trouble if you pull out a bottle of soda and drink hundreds of extra calories at the dinner table.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, sugar is the one food that directly causes obesity and diabetes — and soda is its biggest vehicle. That’s why 39 states levied an extra tax on soda purchases, and they’ve launched a National Soda Summit in Washington, D.C. to solve America’s soda crisis. And like we said, one of the reasons soda is so dangerous is that it’s SO easy to consume mass amounts without realizing it — and then go consume a bunch more calories of something else.

Your Restaurant Game Plan

This “bottomless cup, bottomless stomach” phenomenon will make or break your fat loss. We’ve seen it happen, and dining out is the worst trap for it. But we want you to be able to go out and enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, so here’s what you can do:

1. Have a glass of water. It’s one thing to have a 16-oz cup of soda for a special occasion, but it just doesn’t happen at restaurants. You order a “small” drink and it’s a 24-oz cup. You order one soda and your server refills it FIVE times. You can’t win, so when you’re dining out it’s better to have water and focus on enjoying your meal.

2. Slip some IdealBoost into your water. Water can help you feel fuller, but if you need a little extra appetite control, then keep a stick pack of IdealBoost handy for times like this. While you’re waiting for your meal, just mix it into your water glass. Or you can drink it on the way to the restaurant, or on the way home before cooking dinner.

Unlike soda (which I swear actually whets my appetite), IdealBoost will help you feel satisfied so you can eat the perfect-calorie portions when your meal arrives… and you’ll get your “drink fix” without having to go anywhere near a soda. 😉


By Chelsea Ratcliff

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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