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Being Grateful For (the Sake of) Your Health

With the holidays just around the corner, your life can start to get even busier than it already is! All the family get-togethers, holiday shopping, parties, events, more errands… the list goes on!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is a great time to stop for a second and reflect on all the things you’re grateful for.

And guess what? This feeling of gratitude and happiness can also play a role in your overall health and well being.

The Link Between Happiness and Health

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Well, when it comes to your health, remembering the spirit of Thanksgiving is actually where the health benefits come in.

You see, it’s pretty clear that there is a significant correlation between your happiness and your health.

A Carnegie Mellon study found that,“People who typically report more positive emotions experience lower rates of chronic illness, symptoms and pain. Moreover, among the elderly who live on their own or with family rather than in retirement homes, positive emotional dispositions are linked to living longer.”

So we definitely want to be happier, but how do we achieve that?

Finding Happiness

A couple preparing a lovely thanksgiving dinner

Just about everyone wants to be happier. But how do we find more happiness?

It certainly doesn’t come from money, as science has shown the old adage “money doesn’t buy happiness,” is true. And they’ve shown it can be a pretty exhaustively (and fruitless) chase.

The problem of happiness can be solved by embracing the true spirit of this month’s big holiday. More specifically, the idea of being grateful for the things we have.

The Power of Gratitude

A family toasting glasses at thanksgiving

 Kent State researchers have found a pretty positive link between gratitude and happiness. Students were asked to write letters of gratitude over several weeks and fill out a survey to gauge moods.

The more gratitude they expressed, the happier they felt. “[Gratitude is] associated with fewer health problems, decreased depression, an improved immune system and improved grades.”

So this Thanksgiving, enjoy the food and family and friends you get to see, but also remember to be grateful for the opportunity to do so!

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