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The Burning Question: IdealBurn or IdealLean Burner

So you’re doing everything you need to lose weight: you’re following your meal plan to a “T,” drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, hitting the gym most days. But you want a little extra boost in your progress.

So you’re thinking about adding a fat burner supplement to your regimen, but you’re not sure if you need IdealBurn (from IdealShape) or IdealLean Fat Burner (from IdealFit).

You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re breaking things down for you.

First of all, let’s take a look at the ingredients in each supplement.

A Tale of Two Fat Burners

Venn Diagram Comparing IdealBurn and IdealLean Fat Burner
As you can clearly see, IdealBurn and IdealLean Fat Burner share some of the same essential fat burning ingredients. Caffeine, green tea, Thermodiamine™, and L-carnitine are ingredients that are shown to boost fat loss. These ingredients are an important base for any decent fat burner, which is why we’ve used them in both IdealBurn and IdealLean Fat Burner.

After you get past these similarities, the two fat loss supplements look quite different. IdealLean Fat Burner has a few more ingredients unique to its formula compared to IdealBurn. But just because one has more ingredients, it doesn’t mean that it’s better.

Whenever we launch a new product, we do it with your goals in mind.

Why You Should Take IdealBurn

IdealBurn is designed to help you accomplish your long-term weight loss goals. If you have 30 or more pounds to lose, IdealBurn is the fat burner for you. IdealBurn takes the basic fat burning formula a step further with huperzine a, l-tyrosine, and cayenne pepper fruit. When compared to IdealLean Fat Burner, IdealBurn’s formula is milder because it’s meant to be taken for a longer period of time.

IdealBurn is a lifestyle supplement. It doesn’t contain any over the-top-stimulants as you might find in other fat burners, which allows you to continue taking it long-term without burning yourself, or your metabolism, out. We do recommend taking a few days off from IdealBurn about every seven weeks or so, to resensitize your body and continue seeing great results.

If you have 30 or more pounds to lose and you’re just beginning your weight loss journey, IdealBurn is for you. This fat loss supplement will support you in your weight loss to help you achieve long-term success.

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Why You Should Take IdealLean Fat Burner

IdealLean Fat Burner is designed to help you lose those last few pounds or overcome your final plateau. It has more aggressive, performance-focused ingredients to help people who have 30 pounds or less to lose.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, or you’re getting close to reaching your goal, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to reach your goal weight. Those last few pounds are the hardest, and IdealLean Fat Burner is designed to help blast those last pounds away.

IdealLean Fat Burner is designed to help you overcome plateaus and shed those last pounds. If you have 30 pounds or less to lose, IdealLean Fat Burner is for you.
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Things to Keep in Mind

IdealBurn and IdealLean Fat Burner are both incredible fat loss supplements. One isn’t better than the other: it all depends on your goals. Just remember that NO fat burner will do the work for you. They’re meant to supplement the hard work that you’re already doing. A fat burner is a great way to accelerate your results when your nutrition and exercise are on point!

So what are you waiting for?! Make the most out of your hard work and see results with one of our premium fat burners!


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