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Perfect Pairs: 10 Duos that are Better Together

















There are certain pairs that seem to be a match made in heaven.

Duos that just don’t make sense without their partner in crime.

Couples that need a better half.

Teams where you just can’t have one without the other.

In some cases they’re double the trouble. In others they’re twice as nice. But in any instance, these dynamic duos are definitely better together.

Here are 10 our favorites duos. We want to know which one is your favorite, so get ready to weigh in and help us decide which duo you think is best!

1. Batman and Robin

Batman may be the only major superhero whose name sounds more complete when you add-on his trusty sidekick. That’s because when it comes to sidekicks, you can’t beat Robin.

He’s the first sidekick to ever make a comic book appearance and the sidekick by which all others are measured.

Batman just isn’t complete without the Boy Wonder–and it’s a good thing too–he needs someone to keep him from crossing the line from vigilante to villain!

2. Mac and Cheese

Macaroni covered in marinara…..ewwww. And keep it away from the alfredo sauce too!

Macaroni simply belongs with cheese. Just cheese.

And maybe that’s because nothing says comfort food like Mac and Cheese. Whether it’s made from scratch or comes in a box complete with powdered cheese sauce; mac and cheese both know a thing or two about making your tastebuds tingle.

3. Weddings and Cake

Let’s get real, the best part of any wedding is the cake. Unless of course it’s your wedding, in that case, we’ll let you think the whole getting married part wins.

But for the rest of us, it’s all about the cake.

Think about it, the cake is displayed all night in its sugary sweet, picture perfect form. All you get to do is look at it longingly knowing that once that cake is cut, the real party is about to start.

The cutting of the cake is like a silent signal that it’s time for everyone to let their guard down, dance a little dirty and have a little fun. And let’s not forget that it also opens up the possibility that you get to watch cake get smashed in someone’s face.

4. Mickey and Minnie

They’re the quintessential cartoon couple. The sweethearts that started it all. And if they ever break up, it means the rest of us are doomed.

What other couple still giggles and laughs at each other after more than 80 years? What other couple gets millions of visitors to their homes each year… and still knows how to be nice? What other couple can bring a smile to the faces of kids and grown ups alike?

Can anyone say relationship goals?

5. PB & J

When you don’t even need words to talk about something, it’s gotta be good. And this childhood staple is one of the best.

The idea of a plain peanut butter sandwich is enough to make anyones head spin and mouth instantly dry out. But add a little jelly to the mix and everything seems right with the world. That’s because peanut butter just doesn’t make sense without it’s other half.

This terrific team very well may be the best thing since sliced bread-which sadly, get’s no credit for making this sandwich great. For a PB & J it’s only what’s on the inside that counts.

6.Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightening. Nature’s perfect pair. Two peas in a pod that don’t go anywhere without each other. And while this duo sometimes needs it’s space, there’s simply no way to have one without the other.

Even though their relationship often hits stormy weather, these two have been together forever with no end in sight. And it’s a good thing too, because this couple really knows how to light up a room and make a party just a little louder.

7. Michael Phelps and Gold Medals

Seriously! Is this guy even human? The dude has more gold medals than most countries.

He might be the only Olympian that sparks disbelief when he wins a silver or bronze (yeah, he has a couple of those… true story). Phelps is so impressive that he’s even broken a 2,000 year old record… who does that?

When it comes to competitive swimming, Michael can definitely stand…errr swim… on his own two feet and come out on top as the greatest of all time.

8. Diet and Exercise

This might not be the most fun duo on the list, but it’s definitely a duo that belongs together. While it is possible to have have one without the other, they definitely work better together.

Diet and exercise have an uncanny way of helping people meet their goals and find the results they’re usually looking for. They teach self-discipline and self-control and have a way of helping people see their potential.

That and they help everyone look better in jeans!

9. Movies and Popcorn

While you might think the scripted stories, special effects, or amazing actors are what makes a movie good movie great, you’re wrong… it’s the popcorn.

A movie just isn’t complete without that golden buttery bucket of goodness sitting in your lap and allowing you to enjoy the movie in more ways than one.

From the moment you enter any theater, popcorn has a way of seducing you with it’s addictive aroma. That snacking sensation is with you through all the ups and downs of a drama, the intensity of an action or the giggles in a comedy… that is of course if it makes it through the previews.

10. Salt and Caramel

It might seem like a weird combo, but who can resist the rich, salty-sweet taste of salted caramel. It’s one of those hot food crazes that came out of nowhere but seems like it’s here to stay.

Salty and sweet are always a winning duo. They complement each other so perfectly it’s like they’re a match made in heaven. It’s especially true for salt and caramel.

Caramel can be too sweet to handle on it’s own but when you pair it with a little salt, it’s irresistible. Not to mention the fact that the salt helps to bring out even more of the rich, deep flavor of the caramel.

Unfortunately, even though salt and caramel are good for each other, salted caramel isn’t exactly good for our waistline or weight loss goals. The flavor is addictive but the food itself isn’t very filling causing you to add tons of extra calories to your diet.

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It’s the healthy, filling, and delicious solution you need to help you cut calories and finally lose weight.

Time to Weigh In

There you have it…our top ten teams of all time. Now it’s time to put in your two cents and let us know which duo is your favorite. You can probably guess which one is our #1… we seriously can’t get over Salted Caramel IdealShake!

Vote below…and while you’re thinking about it remember that only one of the duos on our list can actually help you lose weight and that’s Salted Caramel IdealShake!



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Becca Mathis

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