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Lindon Utah Fitness BootCamp Schedule

bootcampWe have a fitness bootcamp starting in Lindon Utah. The bootcamp is all about giving you the best workout possible without requiring too much of your time. People who have done our fitness bootcamp can’t get enough of it. You will be working closely with a personal trainer who will help you achieve your goals. These classes are similar to CrossFit. Come check us out and see why they love it so much!

Fitness BootCamp Schedule

Monday and Wednesday we have three different classes that you can attend: one 5, 6, and 7 pm

Tuesday and Thursday we offer two different classes that you can go to: one at 7 am and another at 10 am

Friday: Only one class on Friday and it’s at 5 pm. Come get a workout in before you go out and party!

Saturday: Two classes for you to choose from. One at 7 am and another 8 am. Get your workout done before your day gets too crazy.

Each class is one hour and includes foam rolling (you will love this), active stretching, dynamic warm-up, resistance workout, and core development.  It is recommended that BootCampers attend two to three classes a week.

Come check us out and sweat like you have never sweat before. You won’t regret it!!



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