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Brain Food Means Something Completely Different Over There…

brain food A few weeks ago, Carla wrote a terrific post about what she learned from her experiences in other cultures and I thought I’d approach the topic from a different perspective. Different though it may be, we share a wonderful ability to reach unresearched and completely biased opinions about our observations, so keep that in mind. I haven’t traveled all over the world, but I have spent the last three months in China teaching English at various schools. One of my biggest struggles adapting to Chinese life was getting used to the food. I have a sensitive palate—you say picky, I say refined—and to be quite honest, things like ‘coagulated duck blood’, ‘chicken intestines’, and ‘sheep stomach’ to me, seem less like entrée selections and more like props for a horror movie.

What I did notice, however, is just more proof about the strength of IdealShape’s Brain Training. I can’t count the times that I broke down and told my hosts that I just couldn’t eat any more because I was just not used to the flavor or texture of whatever we were eating. More often than not, someone at the table would nod and say “Yes, I do not like it either, but they say it is good for you” and eat another fish eyeball or chunk of stinky tofu. On the flip side, I would buy a bag of Oreos at the convenience store and offer them to a Chinese friend who would respond, “I like them, but they are not good for you.”

It seems to me that they might have the right idea when it comes to brain food.

Their thought process is completely different because they are raised in a culture that uses food more for getting energy than enjoying the flavor. Don’t get me wrong, they have some really delicious restaurants too, but these are saved for rare occasions rather than the norm. I may not agree with it, but I never once, in my entire three months in China—surrounded by millions of people—saw a truly obese Chinese person. On occasion I would maybe see someone who might be defined as overweight, but even that was extremely rare.

We’ve been raised in a culture that on one end, practically shoves fatty food down our eye sockets and then on the other, tells us we should feel bad because our body doesn’t meet society’s high standards. It’s confusing and it creates the brain war we fight every day. It’s an extremely hard concept to move away from, but the Brain Training CDs make it so much easier. I would probably say it’s the most valuable weapon in the battle.

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