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Use Your Mind to Break Your Sugar Dependence


“I can’t stop thinking about sugary foods! Even when I’m full I keep coming back for more, I just can’t stop myself !”

If you feel this way about sugar, you may be dependent on it. Sugar increases the release of serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) in the brain in a way that is similar to certain drugs and sex.

Serotonin makes you feel good and gives you a sense of euphoria. However, the more sugar you eat, the more tolerance you create and the less euphoric you feel. Sugar consumption is often followed by a crash — and to get rid of the feeling of having a lack of energy, you eat more and more and more.

Because of my personal sugar addiction I finally learned that it is not curable, but it is treatable.

America’s (And Your) Sugar Addiction

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Ok, at this point you are probably saying to yourself “But I don’t have a sugar addiction!”. But, if you are the typical American you are addicted to sugar whether you want to admit it or not. The average American (a.k.a. you) consumes 150 pounds of sugar a year! There are about 3 ¾ cups of sugar in every pound and that means you are consuming 562 cups of sugar a year. Every single day you are drinking and eating 1 1/2 cups of sugar.

Guess What?! Your body cannot handle that much sugar and what it cannot burn it stores in your fat cells.

I have worked with individuals who have realized that their sugar addiction is one of the main causes of their unhealthy bodies. Substantial weight loss begins when sugar is dramatically decreased in a healthy weight loss plan.

Treating the Addiction

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Weight loss begins and ends in the mind. From years of research I created a visualization script that I recorded and listened to every night when I went to bed for 28 days to see if I could mentally decrease my sugar dependence.

It worked and I lost weight. I was so excited and created a CD that anyone could use to retrain their brain.

This visualization is powerful. It can help you reach your weight loss goals. If you have the technology, recording it in your own voice is very empowering. Listening to it every night for 28 days could make a huge difference in your battle to decrease sugar in your diet.

If you are unable to record it in your own voice you can purchase my CD. I have been told that my voice is very good. I have professional voice training and there is powerful background music that soothes the brain.

Soothing the brain relaxes the body and you become more suggestible. That’s the key to changing the brain. On my CD you’ll also get the induction portion of this exercise, to relax you even further and make the visualization even more effective! There is also a track that you can listen to in your car and during the daytime.

I love this CD because I have seen results myself using this technique. Believe me, I have studied the brain and have actually lost the weight and kept it off.

Get started today by recording the script, or order the CD for a more effective program. I am providing the following script that is the “visualization” part of the CD. Let me know how it works for you!

Visualization Exercise

Before you begin this exercise, find a relaxing, quiet place where you will be free from disruption. 

Now, imagine that you see yourself standing on a cobblestone path looking at a beautiful building in the distance.

It’s a gorgeous day, the sky is blue, the temperature is pleasantly warm and feels just the way you would like it to be.

You notice that you are standing in the middle of a beautiful wheat field.

A soft breeze blows across your face and the wheat is gently flowing with the breeze.

The path that you are standing on leads to the beautiful building and is very safe and secure.

You’re walking along this path towards the building as I’m talking to you.

I want you to simply enjoy this beautiful day.

As you walk along this path, you find yourself relaxing more deeply, feeling so wonderful and relaxed.

Notice up ahead that there is a footbridge; you are keeping a leisurely pace.

As you step onto the footbridge you notice that there is a bench built into the bridge.

Walking over to the bench you decide to stop for a moment and relax more completely.

Beneath the bridge there’s a small stream. The water is crystal clear and quite shallow.

You can hear the water trickling over the rocks and the sound relaxes you even more.

The pleasantly warm day and nature sounds are so relaxing and comfortable.

After a few more moments I would like you to continue on the path to the beautiful building.

Along the side of the path there’s a marker, which indicates that this building is a historical landmark, and visitors are welcome.

Continuing on the path you approach the building and the grounds surrounding the building are magnificent!

Everything is hedged and weeded. All of the various flowers, plants and trees are vibrant and beautiful.

You appreciate that someone has worked very hard to create such a wonderful setting. Walking up the path to the building you notice that the front door has been left open.

There is a sign that says “visitors are welcome”. You walk into the entry and find yourself standing in spectacular foyer that is filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures.

The lighting is very comfortable and relaxing. Across the foyer is two banquet tables. Behind each table are gourmet chefs and they beckon you to come over.

As you draw closer you notice that the banquet table on your left has a black tablecloth and the one on your right has a white tablecloth.

Each table is loaded with delicious food and drinks. The aromas are wonderful and enticing.

Looking up from the tables back to the chefs you notice that their clothing is the same color as the table they are standing behind.

Both of the chefs point to the wonderful appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts and beverages. Looking closer at each item you realize that there is a little a sign that shows the nutritional facts.

The very first fact listed on each item is the sugar grams and calories from the sugar. In addition, each sign shows the overall calories, fat, protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Instinctively you realize that the food and beverages on the black table have higher sugar content.

The items on the white table are healthier and have lower sugar content. Many of the desserts are made sugar free and taste wonderful. You also noticed that the only beverage served at this table is water.

Both tables have your favorite foods and beverages. Your inner mind knows that you have set a goal to wear a certain size pant and shirt that will fit on your ideal shape.

You are highly motivated to decrease your dependence on sugar. You now know how many wasted calories come from high fructose corn syrup and similar sugars.

To create your ideal shape you must burn or decrease calories below your normal body’s ability to burn calories.

As you stand looking at those 2 tables, you feel an inner strength that gives you the power to control sugar. Each day that you decrease your dependency on sugar you will feel more and more confident.

Your confidence will increase as you strengthen your new behavior of looking at the sugar content in everything you eat and drink.

The chef dressed in white is now holding a book in her hand and is motioning you to take it. You take the book and see written on the front cover “Sugar Journal”. Subconsciously you know how important it will be for you to write down how much sugar you are consuming each day.

Turning a few pages you notice that the book has sugar reduction goal pages. These pages are for writing down specific foods or beverages that are loaded with sugar that you will stop consuming.

Now the chef in black is motioning for you to give him the book and is shaking his head in a negative way. You take a step back and draw the book to your chest with both hands. The chef in black is now mocking you.

Turning your eyes to the chef in white you see a serene and peaceful smile. You know that this new behavior of decreasing sugar in your diet is an appropriate thing for you to do.

You are in charge and you’re in control. Thinking about decreasing sugar will now make you feel relaxed, calm, and less stressed.

There is no need for you to overeat foods and drinks loaded with sugars and senseless calories. You commit to reading all nutritional fact panels and only picking those items that will improve your health and help create your ideal shape.

Taking another step back you take all of the strength, motivation, knowledge, wisdom and control with you. Turning around you start walking out the front door.

Your subconscious mind now knows how to help you. You have a big smile on your face knowing that you hold in your hands a book and a plan for decreasing sugar.

You are walking down the path back to the footbridge, and as you come to the footbridge pause for a moment, looking down at the water, you see a reflection of yourself.

You see the image of your ideal shape wearing the size pant and shirt that you desire. Your face is trim and happy. Just allow that image to be very clear, because each time you think about eating or drinking products loaded with sugar, this image of your ideal shape is going to pop into your mind, and continue to give you added strength, control and motivation needed to create a healthy habit to decrease your dependency on sugar.

Now take that ideal shape image of yourself and all of those positive feelings from that beautiful building and sit down on the bench on the footbridge.

As you relax on the bench you’re feeling so good and comfortable, really looking forward to each pound of fat that you will burn off your body. Knowing that each day you are going to get closer and closer to your ideal shape goals.

Sitting back against the bench you slowly close your eyes. Imagine that the sounds from the brook relax you even more.

Reducing Your Dependence on Sugar for Effective Weight Loss

Visualization exercise by David Meine

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