Brittina Christen

Brittina was 238 lbs at her heaviest in December of 2010. She had been a gym rat in her teens and early twenties until married life and a car accident (along with a sedentary job) combined to bring on the excess weight.

“I looked back at some of the family Christmas photos from that year and I couldn’t believe how much weight I put on,” Brittina said, “I added it all up and I realized I had gained 85 lbs in the last 3 years. It opened my eyes.”

So Brittina went to work trying to lose the weight. She successfully lost 20 lbs before she found out that she was pregnant. Her workouts slowed down for obvious reason, but the pregnancy included a lot of complications.

“I had a lot of joint pain, and it was hard to move. My doctor told me that if I lost some weight then I wouldn’t have to worry about these issues with future pregnancies. I wanted to lose the weight and be healthy for my kids. I wanted to be the active mom and coach their sports teams and be able to play with them in the park.”

She started ordering IdealShape shakes and set up a gym routine. She also began watching what she ate more carefully. Fast forward to June and Brittina is down an incredible 55 lbs. She looks and feels amazing and is getting great compliments.

“People that haven’t seen me in a few months will say, ‘Wow! You look incredible!’ and it’s great to hear.”

Brittina still has goals to fit into her wedding dress after she’s lost a little more weight. She’s also started running a 5k every month during the summer and plans on doing the Ragnar and a Half Marathon by next year.

lizzy pinckney

lizzy pinckney

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