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Weighing out Your Caffeine Choices

Call it a pick me up. Call it your liquid buzz. Call it brown bubbly. Call it heaven in a cup. Call it survival serum. Call it whatever you want, because chances are pretty good that you call on it every day.

What is it?


An FDA study found that Americans consume an average of 300 mg of caffeine per day. Another study found that 85 percent of Americans consume at least one caffeinated beverage a day. We all live life in the fast lane and the fast lane is fueled by caffeine.

You probably have a favorite caffeinated beverage that’s part of your daily routine. Maybe your favorite soda calls to you. Or you might go for the more refined caffeine choice of tea. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s your morning cup of coffee… or your mid-morning one… or your afternoon one… or your mid-afternoon one…

Caffeine Sources

While caffeine comes from many sources, you can probably guess the top two caffeinated beverages in America:

  • Coffee
  • Soda

But don’t forget there’s a few other places you can find caffeine:

  • Tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Chocolate (especially dark chocolate)
  • Various foods and supplements

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Why Caffeine?

Baby kept you up all night and you don’t know how you’re going to face taking care of your other kids in the morning? Maybe your go-to is coffee.

Struggling to stay awake for that road trip? Pulling an all-nighter for a big work project? Sodas and energy drinks seem to be the go-to for many!

For a lot of us, caffeine is the best item we’ve got in our busy life survival kit and thankfully I’m not going to tell you to change that. (I want you to like me afterall)!

While caffeine is a popular ingredient used by many to boost energy and weight loss efforts, consuming the wrong caffeine sources can have a huge, negative affect on your results.

Let’s run through popular sources of caffeine and compare them to some of my favorite caffeine choices.

Caffeine Credentials

Before we get to the specifics, let’s start with caffeine in general. While it’s true that you can consume too much caffeine, some caffeine is definitely okay. In fact, there are a lot of great benefits that come from an appropriate amount of caffeine:

  1. Increases Energy
  2. Helps Burn Fat
  3. Improves Exercise Endurance/Intensity
  4. Supports Cognitive Function
  5. Reduces Fatigue

With those benefits in mind, it’s important for you to choose your caffeine source wisely. Choose the wrong caffeine source and you’ll likely end up with extra sugar, extra calories, and extra work in the weight loss department.

Caffeine Choices

idealburn good source of caffeine

Every source of caffeine has its own benefits and pitfalls and it’s up to you to determine which one is best for you and which one helps you meet your health and fitness goals. For the sake of time and space, we’ll look at three of the most commonly consumed caffeine choices in America and see how they stack up against IdealShape’s caffeinated products. (For a more comprehensive list of caffeine choices see here).


Based on our history, coffee really should be given national beverage status. With a coffee shop on nearly every corner in every major city, it’s hard to deny that coffee is king when it comes to caffeine.

Coffee is also an extremely low calorie choice–that is if you don’t load it up with sugar, creamers, milk and other add-ins. It’s easy to add/order extra coffee calories even when you brew at home. And if you think home is bad, try looking at the menu from your local coffee shop! You’ll be surprised to see how many drinks that contain almost a full meal’s worth of calories.

8 oz cup: Caffeine average 95 mg


Soda. It’s brown, it’s bubbly, and in some parts of the country there are entire stores dedicated to it. To top that off, America consumes more soda than any other country. According the the Huffington Post, one half of the U.S. population drinks it every day.

However, most sodas are loaded with sugar and calories, and this can absolutely destroy weight loss goals.

And if you think sticking to diet soda will keep you from gaining weight, think again. Soda has been linked to weakened bones and tooth decay. Top that off with the fact that it has no nutritional value and is loaded with many unhealthy and unnatural ingredients.

12 oz can: Caffeine average 23-55 mg
(depending on brand/type)


Whether you like it hot or iced, tea is like coffee’s elegant and refined cousin. It seems to only belong at tea parties or in a tall thin glass in the hands of a southern belle. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

While there are several teas that have been linked to weight loss, you do have to be careful when it comes to picking your tea. Many teas are loaded with sugar and extra calories. Tea has also been linked to anxiety and restlessness.

8 oz cup: Caffeine average 26 mg


If you feel like IdealBoost just doesn’t cut it in the caffeine department, IdealShape offers another weight loss tool that contains caffeine. IdealBurn is a weight loss supplement that has been specially formulated to help you burn fat and increase energy.

With more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, it’s sure to give you the buzz you need to get you through the day while at the same time helping you fight fat and take control of your diet.

1 IdealBurn capsule: Caffeine 125 mg

Picking your Pick-Me-Up


Caffeine has the potential to make a difference when it comes to weight loss. It provides increased focus and energy which give any dieter a leg up when it comes to making and sticking to lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss.

When picking your pick-me-up the most important thing you should look for is a product that will help you stay in line with your health and fitness goals:

  • Coffee worries me because it’s too easy to add extra calories that will derail your diet.
  • Soda is packed with ridiculous amounts of sugar and calories, not too mention all of the other negative side effects associated with it.
  • Tea contains a lot of natural elements and components, but a majority of the teas people grab for that on-the-go energy increasing convenience contain unhealthy ingredients and are loaded with tons of sugar and calories.

That’s why I recommend IdealBurn and IdealBoost! Not only are you getting a good pick-me-up of caffeine, you’re also getting ingredients that will help jumpstart weight loss!

I have seen the power of IdealBurn in my own results. It’s ability to boost energy and also burn fat are incredible!

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Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

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