Caffeine for Weight Loss: Good or Bad?

caffeine for weight lossWhen people start taking our weight loss products ResveraShape and IdealBoost, some are surprised to see caffeine on the list of ingredients. Caffeine for weight loss? There are some reports out there that give caffeine a bad rap, and just seeing the word, your guard might go up: isn’t it bad for you?

Not necessarily. In the right amounts and from the right sources, caffeine can provide many health benefits. That’s why our weight loss supplement and weight loss drink contain caffeine for weight loss in two forms: green tea and caffeine anhydrous. But caffeine is a complex element, and of course, there’s more to the story…

Health Benefits

Caffeine is widely known to treat numerous medical conditions, from headaches and asthma to cancer and Parkinson’s disease. One of the primary reasons is that it reduces inflammation. That’s why you’ll find it in Excedrin, cosmetics, and anti-cellulite and anti-aging treatments. Personally, I’m asthmatic and having caffeine in the morning or before exercise improves my ability to breathe — it’s recognized as a bronchodilator much like many asthma medications, improving the airways’ function for up to four hours.

Caffeine and Exercise

When drinking a caffeinated beverage, the goal is usually not to treat medical ailments but to nab a jolt of energy, or buy a few extra hours of alertness before we hit the hay. Some athletes even use caffeine to improve athletic performance. It’s been found to enhance stamina in prolonged endurance exercise, as well as help with short bursts of intense exercise.

Caffeine certainly isn’t the only way to gear yourself up for a workout; in fact, some forms of caffeine will leave you worse off. Coffee is a diuretic, so it can dehydrate you before a workout. A sugary soda or energy drink can cause you to feel bloated, or crash and burn quickly.

IdealBoost is a great pre-workout beverage and like we said, it contains green tea and caffeine (equal to roughly a cup of coffee). We also love IdealShake as a pre-workout energy boost, and it contains no caffeine, just a great ratio of fast and slow burning nutrients for fuel (protein and carbs).

A Weight Loss Boost?

While the health and energy of caffeine are great, here’s the real reason we include it in ResveraShape and IdealBoost: it’s proven to speed up metabolism. Of course, no one would advocate drinking 10 pots of coffee a day to lose weight. Like any ingredient, caffeine can be good or bad, depending on how much you have. When used in excess, many people find that caffeine gives them anxiety, anxiousness, headaches and inability to focus. Moderation is key.

Provided that you use caffeine smartly — no more than a few servings a day, and via healthy sources — it can be a great boon to weight loss. ResveraShape and IdealBoost both contain small concentrated doses, so you don’t need to chug coffee, soda and energy drinks to get its great benefits. And they also tap the benefits of green tea, which in addition to being a great source of caffeine, is also an antioxidant.

Curious about how caffeine and green tea help you shed pounds? Read more about IdealBoost or ResveraShape to find out which type of supplement you need to meet your weight goals.

Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

Writer and expert

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