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Carbohydrate Utilization to Maximize Weight Loss

carbohydrate utilizationCarbohydrates are not the weight loss enemy, although many individuals in the industry would lead you to believe so. Rather, carbohydrates should be an important part of all of our diets.

Here we will explain why as well as give you some insight on how you can maximize your carbohydrate utilization and consumption.

The Importance Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. Everyone needs them no matter what any popular diet fad tells you. For those who are following an exercise program along with a healthy diet in order to lose weight, carbohydrate consumption is particularly important.

So let’s talk about why carbohydrates are so important and how our bodies utilize them for energy. When we consume carbohydrates they are absorbed, broken down and then absorbed or used to promote intestinal function. To illustrate a little better let’s briefly go over the three types of carbohydrates:

  • Monosaccharaides – These carbohydrates are readily digestible by the small intestine and are found in foods such as honey and fruits.
  • Disaccharides – These are found in foods such as milk and table sugar and need to be broken down into monosaccharaides before being absorbed by the small intestine.
  • Polysaccharides – Found in foods that contain fiber or starches and are either broken down by the body very slowly into monosaccharaides and absorbed into the body or cannot be broken down and are utilized in order to promote efficient intestinal function.

Once monosaccharaides are absorbed into the body they are utilized in one of three ways:

1. They can be burned for energy immediately if our bodies are in need of extra energy.

2. They can be converted into glycogen in the liver or muscles. Liver glycogen then supplies energy for the entire body and muscle glycogen supplies energy for muscle contraction.

3. If our body has an excess of glucose and all the glycogen stores are full, the surplus glucose is converted into fat and stored around the body.

To summarize these three points, carbohydrates are important during exercise because they supply the energy needed for our muscles to contract and our bodies to function properly. In fact, our bodies burn fat more efficiently when carbohydrates are being metabolized during exercise. So taking in carbohydrates before your workout is actually important, not only for exercise, but in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

On the flip side consuming an excess of carbohydrates will lead to fat storage throughout the body.

Consuming Carbohydrates

Each of the three types of carbohydrates discussed above can and should be an important part of your diet when eaten with care. In this section we are going to go over when the best time may be to take in each type of carbohydrates to maximize energy and reach your weight loss goals.

A combination of monosaccharaides and disaccharides are great before your workout in order to give your body the immediate energy it is going to need to power muscle contraction support overall energy. In addition, because your body will be digesting these carbohydrates during exercise, fat will be utilized for energy more efficiently as well.

Because of this a great pre-workout meal should consist of these simple carbohydrates. Try adding some honey to or fruit to your IdealShake for a perfect pre-workout smoothie.

Both disaccharides and polysaccharides should be consumed throughout your day to supply your body with the energy it needs. One simple rule of thumb is to consume carbohydrates before times when you know you are going to be active.

If you have busy mornings getting your kids off to school or getting things ready for the day try to get a breakfast that will support your energy needs. Foods that can supply these energy needs may include oatmeal or bread made from whole grain.


Carbohydrates should not be your enemy when it comes to losing weight. If fact they are very important to daily energy, exercise and weight loss. It is just a matter of planning your carbohydrates to meet your needs throughout the day and making sure to not take in too much. It’s really all about carbohydrate utilization.

Also be sure to check out and read up on our Ideal Carb Blocker in order to utilize carbohydrates more efficiently during your workouts and throughout your day. It is designed specifically for those who have insulin sensitivity, which prevents the body from utilizing carbohydrates efficiently.

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