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Brain Appétit!: How to Change Your Brain

cartoon-brain-1In my undaunted trek through all the things healthy I found another little gem that I would like to pass on. This weekend I watched a fascinating series by Dr. Daniel Amen on how to change your brain. For those of you that have looked into IdealShape, you know that we put a lot importance on the brains thought process behind a healthy lifestyle, and it’s always great to see another piece of proof behind our practices. In the series he talked of the 3 major parts of our brain and about the choices that we can make to change each of them. Surprise, surprise, he put a lot of focus on proper diet and exercise.

Avocado’s, blueberries, broccoli, (decaffeinated) green tea, oatmeal, oranges, red bell peppers, salmon, spinach, tuna, turkey and walnuts. I’m pretty sure we all know what these are, and I’ve used every single one of these in recipes on my blogs—okay, maybe not green tea yet, but everything else is there—so it’s no big revelation that along with being a good source of nutrients, Dr. Amen points out that these ingredients can also improve brain function. This was my favorite part because it goes along with everything we’ve been talking about over at IdealShape all this time.

Now we come to the portion of the lesson that even a child knows. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, medications, and other toxic substances are indeed, bad, for your brain. Not enough sleep? It’s there too! We know this, but how often do we choose to misremember the easy important things because we are unwilling to change our destructive habits? I mean, think about it—this part will be easier for those of you already following this advice—how many times have you been awake late knowing that you need to go to sleep because you have to wake up early, and yet you keep on chugging along? It’s those times that your brain goes into revolt; when you need it the most.

Today I just spoke about the food because I think all the information that Dr. Amen presents isn’t something that can be summarized in a quick post, but there is a lot more. Hopefully I will be able to write some more about him, but you can find his video here. His information was very helpful and if you have the time, I’d definitely recommend hopping on over to see it. Can I get an AMEN?!…Sorry, I tried, but I couldn’t resist.

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