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Channel Stress to Lose Weight

channel stress to lose weightI remember one time delivering newspapers in Denver, Colorado at 13 years old. Rain, snow, and shine I pedaled my sting ray bike, loaded with papers on canvas bags that attached to my handlebars. When I reached over the bars, I could grab a paper with a flick of my wrist and land it on the front door.

Almost everyday I had to experience a scary dog coming after me. After sharing fearful dog experiences with my parents (what seemed like a hundred times), and after begging them to let me quit my paper route, my Dad told me I needed to face my fear. Starting to cry, I said that the dog was scary and was going to bite me. He stopped me abruptly and told me that next time I should stop my bike, grab a newspaper, and go after the dog on foot. I didn’t dare talk back to my dad, but in my mind I thought chasing the dog was crazy.

I was told that I had to “make it happen” and not say another word about it until I did what my Dad told me. A short time after, I had to confront the dog and my fear. Several houses down from the dog, I sat on my stingray bike panic-stricken. How was I going to stop my bike and face the dog? Though I didn’t know then, I started visualizing a confrontation with the dog. I created a scenario in my mind. My breathing started to slow down, and at some point I started pedaling slowly toward the dog’s house. When I was only a house away, the dog began to bark and came down after me. I jumped off my bike, grabbed a newspaper, and went after the dog. Even to this day, I still remember that scene in slow motion.

I must have freaked out the dog, because the sound of it’s barking changed as it went yelping back to the store step of the house. As I watched the dog run away, my energy increased. I can now describe the feeling I had as euphoria. The dog never stopped barking when I rode by, but it never again came off the porch to chase me.

What happened in my mind with that crazy dog? The visualization I created in my mind allowed me to use stress to my advantage. Since 1999, I have studied, researched, and learned how to use and decrease my stress to create my ideal body shape. Through Motivational Brain Training, I teach people to control stress by creating visualizations in their minds in order to lose weight permanently.

Brain Training (listening to my CDs) can teach you to change poor habits into healthy habits and channel stress to lose weight. Poor sleep, too much sugar, and not enough water are bad behaviors we’ve trained our brains to accept over a long period of time. Overweight people have become stuck in a rut of unhealthy living as they’ve turned bad behaviors into destructive habits.

Of course there are days when we don’t get enough sleep, eat too much sugar, and don’t drink enough water, but when these behaviors become habits that are no longer easily changed, Motivational Brain Training is an effective way of retraining the mind to rid itself of poor behavior and to live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to create and maintain a healthy body shape, you have to live like you’ve already arrived there.

Motivational Brain Training is the key. Listen to one of my CDs every day for 28 days and learn how to retrain your brain to live like you have already arrived at your ideal shape. If you want to drop three sizes, you have to begin to live like someone who wears that size, sleeping like you would, eating like you would, and drinking like you would.

Most dieters don’t learn to change their habits (long-term), and that’s why research suggests that 95% of dieters regain the weight they do lose. If you’ve trained your brain to live like an unhealthy body, and you’ll have to retrain it through visualization to act a certain way before you arrive there. You need to see yourself overcoming the challenge (fighting off the dog) before you actually do so. When you can do this, you’ll lose the weight and keep it off!

I can coach you to face your bad habits (and to chase them away.) Listen to one of these tracks every day for 28 consecutive days in order to turn a new, healthy behavior into a habit that becomes a part of your new lifestyle. As you listen, you’ll learn to visualize your ideal body shape and begin to make the changes you need toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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By David Meine

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