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Cheat Day: “Everybody Needs to Cheat a Little to Prosper”

cheat day

Originally, this post was only going to be about what we call ‘Cheat Day‘ at Idealshape but it turned into so much more

I’ll start with the subject of a cheat day as that’s what I really intended to cover.  We believe (and there’s plenty of research out there to prove it) that when you are in calorie restriction, eating less calories than your body needs for regular daily functions, you need to have at least one day a week where you increase your daily calorie intake by 300-500 calories.   Doing this allows your body to maintain normal levels of  the hormone Leptin. Leptin plays a major role in regulating energy intake and expenditure.

So for example if you’re an average women trying to lose 20-40 pounds we would recommend 1400-1600 calories per day along with some moderate exercise and brain food.  On your cheat day you would increase your calories to 1800-2100. Doing this will keep your metabolism high and make your weight loss goals more achievable–for men it would be 1800-2200 calories per day raising it to 2100-2700 calories on your cheat day.  What I love most about this is that during the rest of the week you don’t need to cheat because you know Friday’s coming (or whatever day you’ve decided on) and you’re going to get to have your extra calories and maybe your favorite dessert.

This Friday was my cheat day and I’ll give an example of what I do. At our home, Fridays are our date night so I know that’s most likely going to be my cheat day.  I plan the day around it so I had a 2 egg white omelet with veggies for breakfast, my IdealShape shake and some roasted tomato soup for lunch. I had yogurt for my morning snack and a pear for my afternoon snack.

We had decided to go to a new restaurant and to be safe, I saved up 1400 calories for dinner.  My friend Monica recommended a little place called Communal, and I certainly want to pass on the thumbs up! They’re an organic restaurant here in Utah, so their entire menu is made of fresh, seasonal items.  When we got there, we started off with a Goat cheese and roasted onion tart and it was to die for. Next we had a mixed green salad that had a really light vinaigrette dressing and sliced apples and chunks of cold, sweet potatoes; also just terrific.  For our main course we got an order of their pot roast and a roasted pork shoulder with a side of barley (I’ve never had this before unless it was in a soup and I was so surprised how delicious it was) and a side of winter squash au gratin.  Everything at Communal is served family style so we shared it and that left me enough leftover calories for a chocolate soufflé for dessert.

It’s so nice to get out of the routine for a night, but the best part came towards the end of our meal when the woman sitting next to me (you’re all at the same table, hence the name Communal) asked me if my husband worked for IdealShape. I said yes how did you know?  She smiled and pointed to his shirt which had our logo on it. Being a smaller company right now, it’s always great when people recognize our product and I have to admit I was tickled pink. We know it’s a great product, but it’s always a struggle trying to tell everyone else how awesome it is!  She started by saying, “I just have to tell you that I love your meal shakes.” and that just made her my instant friend!  That’s how we came to meet Steve and Janet Thaeler.  It turned into this wonderful conversation and I got introduced to an incredible new blog! (If you haven’t read newspapergirl, I would highly recommend it!)

We had gone to Communal to have what we had heard would be a really good meal and left having an unforgettable experience.  That’s what exceptional food and conversation will do for you.  And now we have connected via our blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  That’s what I truly love about social media.

By breaking the routine, not only did we have a wonderful dinner, but we made some great new friends! Who says cheaters never prosper?!

carla meine

carla meine

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