Christine Wright

Christine was always the heaviest kid in her class, and when she became pregnant at 19, her weight challenge got worse. Eating away from home and eating whatever she wanted to, she gained 50 pounds before giving birth to her son.

Despite being a young mother in her twenties, Christine had trouble keeping up with her son and often felt tired. One day on a mother-son outing, he wanted to have their photo taken…

“I went home and I looked at it, and I didn’t want to look like that in the picture with him,” she says. “I knew I was bigger, but until I looked at the pictures, I didn’t realize how bad it got.”

After that fateful day two years ago, Christine decided to change her life. “That’s when it just clicked in my head that I had to do something about it,” she tells us.

Christine started her journey with an online search for a protein shake. She found IdealShake, placed an order and started having two shakes a day. Next she signed up for a gym membership and started doing Zumba and kick boxing classes. After three months, the weight kept coming off and she switched to one shake a day, plus an IdealBar or glass of IdealBoost.

Two years later, Christine has lost 81 pounds and has the energy to keep up with her little boy. She says she can’t believe it when she looks in the mirror. Thanks to the support of her sister (and workout buddy), her healthy regimen is unshakeable! We got to meet them both last month when they came to our Ship Shape Challenge winner retreat in Park City, Utah. 😀

Check out Christine’s heartwarming #MyIdeal video to learn about her transformation!

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andy haigh

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