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Weight Loss Lessons we Learned from Holiday Movies

Written by Marlee B

Many people struggle to lose a pound or two, but around the holidays? But if you can successfully lose weight around the holidays, that’s a feat!

Below are strategies you can use this season that will guide you on your weight-loss journey, as told by holiday movies.

Trust me, you will feel so motivated after reading their advice!

1. Start small.

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Weight loss, as much as we wish, does not happen overnight. 

Start with just one change, such as eating the colors of the rainbow, boosting your protein intake, eating breakfast, or staying hydrated, and when that change feels like a part of your usual routine, add another change.

Once that change feels like second nature, add another, and another, and so on.

It may take a little longer to see big results, but a step-ladder approach to weight loss means making changes that really stick down the road.

2. Find a healthy meal you like and eat it all the time!

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To lose weight, you don’t have to put yourself on a punishing regimen. If you don’t like broccoli, you don’t have to eat an entire bag of it at lunch.

Simply find the food group you love and stick to it! Just take it easy on the candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. 😉

3.  Eat more often.

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You’ve probably heard the rumor that eating small meals throughout the day is how you can win the battle of the bulge.

Frequent snacking, as long as it’s healthy, keeps your metabolism humming, controls blood sugar, and wards off hunger. The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get, leaving you more likely to overeat.

So if you’d like to eat more often, you can. Just be sure you keep your calories in check.

4. Find a physical activity you truly enjoy.

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We know that more physical activity increases the number of calories our bodies burn off, but who says it has to be boring?!

There is no need to spend 90 minutes on a treadmill staring at the wall if that isn’t what excites you!

You can box, swim, run, weight train, jump rope, hula-hoop, hopscotch… anything that gets you sweating is a good physical activity!

5. Prepare food in advance.

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Nothing’s more intimidating when it comes to meal prep, especially when you’re new at it.

It takes time, money, space, and creativity but have you ever been hit with hunger with nothing on hand that will keep you in line with your fitness goals? With prepared food, you are in total control!

There’s less temptation, it removes the stress you feel of what you are going to eat next, and it ultimately is the way to a healthier diet. If you try it and keep practicing, I promise you’ll get better at it!

6. Always move, even on rest days.

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Rest days are not meant to be “off” days or “cheat” days filled with bonbons and Netflix. Instead, they are vital in building a body capable of roughhousing with your kids in the backyard, or whatever else that keeps you moving throughout the day!

If you completed a full body workout yesterday, then those muscles have been built a tiny bit stronger in the last 24-48 hours, and it’s important to give them time to regrow! However, on days we don’t train, we are easily not thinking about being fit and it’s much easier to cut yourself some slack and lose momentum.

The best thing you can do for your post-workout recovery is to move your body, simply because that’s what it is designed to do! You can spend your “rest” days on a bike ride, a walk with your significant other, or rolling down a hill with your kids and running right back up.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s something that keeps you happy and active!

7. Say “Buh-bye” to Soda

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Sure, some will argue that anything in moderation is OK, and in most cases, I’d agree. Just not when it comes to soda.

I’ll admit, though; when it comes to sugar, I am a snob. When it comes to soda, however, the amount of sugar and additives is so high that I don’t think “moderation” even exists!

A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially if one drinks multiple cans a day, skyrockets the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction.

This can lead to weight gain over time, not to mention diabetes, dehydration, or cavities.

Try a healthy alternative, like fruit infused water, or IdealBoost – a low-calorie, sugar-free, delicious weight loss drink.

8. Get a Good Night’s Rest

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Sleep can sometimes be the best thing you do for your weight loss goals.

Not enough sleep can reduce and undo the benefits of your workout routine and meal plans, and it can increase your appetite, too. This is caused by a hormone called ghrelin that is released in the stomach that signals hunger in the brain.

Before you eat, when your stomach is empty, levels are high. After you eat, levels are low. When you do not get adequate sleep, the human body makes more ghrelin and less leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that suppresses hunger and signals fullness in the brain, so a sleep-deprived person is left hungry with an increasing appetite, which can become a vicious cycle: the less you sleep, the more weight you gain. The more weight you gain, the harder it is to sleep!

Make the choice now to get a good night’s rest tonight, and the night after that. You will soon find that a healthy habit of sleep will help you fight cravings and make healthy choices.

9. Don’t “Diet”

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Fad diets don’t work.

I have yet to meet a single human being who has tried a deprivation diet that does not fail (and leads to binging).

It’s important to realize that healthy eating and weight management can be achieved by eating a wide variety of foods!

Eat what you really desire, but just practice moderation.

10. Stop comparing yourself.

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Everyone’s road to wellness is going to be different. Most importantly, it’s going to look different.

What might help you is if you stop comparing yourself to other people, and also stop comparing yourself to whomever you think you are supposed to be.

Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.

The Takeaway

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Losing weight can feel like a daunting and scary process, but once you start, and start small, you will find yourself feeling healthier, more motivated, with much more energy!

Try out just one, two, or three of these tips that you feel will easily fit into your lifestyle and you will love yourself even more for it!

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