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Claudia Dropped 8 Sizes in 6 Months with IdealShape!

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Claudia struggled with her weight after she was hospitalized for Lupus. On bed rest for six months, she ended up adding an extra 70 lbs to her small frame.

Feeling tired and out of shape, Claudia was frustrated that she now struggled to keep up and play with her kids.

Her family means the world to her, and she felt like she was missing out on life, and just simply not living it to the fullest.

She wanted to lose weight, but it seemed she had tried every diet and weight loss program, but nothing worked for her.

Then one day she came across an IdealShape weight loss transformation story on Facebook.

The image inspired Claudia. She felt that if this beautiful woman could lose weight, then so could she!

Excited, she decided to try IdealShape for herself.

Claudia didn’t have a specific amount of weight to lose. She just wanted to lose weight (any amount was fine with her!) and be active with her family again.

She wanted to feel better so she could be the mom she wanted to be.

For too long she was stuck in the hospital and struggling with the added weight.

“Everything’s Bigger in Texas”

Claudia, a Texas native, comes from a rich Hispanic background filled with family and Texas sized portions of food. This made losing weight extra difficult.

To make things even harder, her family would often give her a hard time about her new healthy lifestyle.

“Everything’s bigger in Texas and I’m Hispanic. So my family cooks with lots of greasy food and there are so many BBQs and family dinners! My family would give me a hard time about not eating the food or would say, “Just have a little, it won’t matter.”

Despite the constant temptations, Claudia kept going!

Following the IdealPlan (IdealShape’s weight loss plan) and free challenges that IdealShape offers, she was able to lose 47 lbs and drop eight sizes in six months!

Her favorite IdealShape products are IdealBurn (a fat burner) and the Cookies n Cream IdealShake! She loved the IdealShakes because they mixed up quick, tasted delicious, and were filling.

What more could you want in a weight loss shake!

Finally Fit and Healthy

Claudia crushed her goal of losing weight and getting fit. Now she’s a fit machine!

She loves working out and her new goal is to build lean muscle.

She finally feels like she can be active with her kids and is loving her new fit lifestyle. She feels free to be who she always knew she could be.

“Just take it one day at a time and just focus on your goals and what you want to accomplish. Life happens, you just need to keep going even if it’s slow and even if you do slip up. Trust the process!”

Claudia had a pretty amazing comeback proving to herself and others that anyone can do this. Anyone can lose weight despite difficult circumstances!

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