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Weight Loss Questions: Google Fills In The Blank

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We live in a world where the internet has made it easy to get your questions answered. Especially those questions that you’d rather not actually actually ask someone, out of embarrassment or fear.

Google has even taken it upon themselves to help you out in this endeavor. When you type the beginning of a question like ‘is it unhealthy….’ Google will guess what you’re asking by filling in the blank with their most common searched phrases.

So, what are the most common questions that Google sees regarding weight loss? To figure it out, we clicked over to Google, entered in a few common words about weight loss, and saw what a large portion of other searchers have inputted before.

“is it unhealthy to eat…”

Is it unhealthy search query

This sentence starter produced equally valid and, ahem, interesting potential search queries. Let’s start with the first suggestion: is it unhealthy to eat late? When it comes to eating late, it really doesn’t matter. “It does not matter what time of day you eat. It is what and how much you eat and how much physical activity you do during the whole day that determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight,” states the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Weight Control Information Network.

Is it unhealthy to eat standing up? The short answer is no, it isn’t unhealthy to eat standing up. In fact, it can even help you avoid acid reflux. However, most of us tend to eat faster while standing. Conversely, you consume less food (and subsequently, calories) while seated.

For the question that every kindergartner is awaiting with bated breath: is it unhealthy to eat your boogers? The kiddos will be thrilled to know that it isn’t unhealthy, and may boost your immune system. That being said, I don’t need Google to tell me the answer to “is it gross to eat your boogers?”

Cue ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ it’s time to find out if raw eggs are actually unhealthy. Disregarding the risk of salmonella, which can be mitigated with high-quality pasteurized eggs, consuming raw eggs is not unhealthy. If you can stomach the texture and taste, raw eggs provide a boost of nutrients that are lost with the cooked variety.

“how can i lose weight…”

How can I lose weight search query

Like the previous search, this next question, “How can I lose weight…” gave us interesting insight into the mind of the searcher. It appears that most of the time, the person searching doesn’t even need to go further than the starting phrase itself. So, how can you lose weight? By eating healthy and living active, of course! And yes, you need both diet and exercise to see the results you want. When you workout the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn, and when you eat the right way you’ll be able to work out effectively because you’ll feel good.

Incidentally, the answer to the second search is identical to the first. You can lose weight while breastfeeding by eating healthy and staying active. According to Baby Center, however, you need to adjust your expectations, “Plan to take 10 months to a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. Gradual weight loss through healthy, low-fat eating and moderate exercise is important.”

Can you guess the answer the third search that Google provides us? It should come as no surprise that the answer remains the same from the first two searches. You can’t spot-treat weight loss, it can only be a total-body transformation. But, with diet and exercise, you can lose weight in your face.

How can you lose weight in two weeks? Typically, when you have a larger amount of weight to lose, the pounds drop off more rapidly in the beginning of your diet and exercise routine. However, the only way to lose weight safely, keep it off, and lessen any chances of adverse side effects, is to shed pounds gradually.

“best weight…”

best weight search query
We already know that the best way to lose weight is by working out and eating healthy. Easier said than done, right? Which is why so many people head to Google to search for the best weight loss program, supplements, shakes, and pills. Everyone is searching for a quick fix or a miracle pill. The truth is, that doesn’t exist.

What does exist is a weight loss program that’s geared towards changing your whole appetite. How do I know it’s the best? Because it worked for me. There was a time when I had three kids under the age of 6 (yes, really!). My life was packed to the brim, and it seemed like NOTHING could help me lose the baby weight. What I discovered was the power of having a clear-cut plan – it was literally the game-changer for me, and I know it will be for you, too.

I’m Lindsey Mathews, a certified nutritionist and fitness model, and I teamed up with IdealShape to pour ALL of my secrets into this plan. I’m giving you meal plans and delicious recipes with the right slimming foods in the perfect portions so the results will come effortlessly.

So, stop Googling and start living your ideal life in your ideal body!

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