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Core Knowledge: Find Out Your Level

core quizHow much do you know about the “core” muscles in your body?

True or False: Your “Core” Is…

1. What helps you avoid back pain

2.What influences your posture and alignment

3. Responsible for balance and coordination

4. Your main source of strength and stability

5. Central to your fat burn/body shaping program

6. Easy to strengthen

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above, you’re right! You already know about that incredible powerhouse in your bodyyour core.

Most people don’t understand why this area is significant. In fact, few are even sure what this mysterious region is. A yoga or pilates buzz word? The area people target to get washboard abs?

So much more than your abs!

The core is the anchor of your body. Comprised of the back, abdominals, glutes, hips and pelvic floor, it connects your upper and lower body. All of your core muscles work together to power everything you do, whether you’re moving or holding still.

Strengthening it gives you a smooth workout, increased strength, beautiful posture, and a confident walk—tall and graceful. It helps you burn fat and shape your body efficiently. It makes your life easier. Really.

Think about your posture throughout the day.

How do you sit in the car on your way to work, and on your drive home in rush hour after a long day? How do you sit at your desk? And at the dinner table, and during your leisure time?

If it isn’t strong enough, you are probably lurched forward with elbows propped on the table or steering wheel, or slumped back into the couch, one arm up on the arm rest. You probably have trouble carrying a heavy bag or purse without becoming lopsided.

A weak core is the dumps: hunched posture, diminished source of strength, fizzled energy. It puts you at real risk for injury when you’re exercising and in daily life. It inevitably contributes to most of our aches and pains.

How to cure a crooked core?

“31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time,” the American Chiropractic Association reports.

Even more of us feel crooked, misaligned—one shoulder cocked a little higher than the other, a general feeling of imbalance with minor pain.

But before you head to the chiropractor for a quick fix, consider this: it is rarely a fix at all. For the average range of ailments, a chiropractor will charge you $50 to crack your back and send you on your way… with what?

That’s right. A list of instructions for strengthening your core and alignment on your own.

Save your money (and your back from future pain) by doing a long-term core program now. There are lots of ways to work “core work” into your daily routine, as well as your fitness regimen.

We have our clients use the a Stability Balance Ball at the gym and the office, and they soon feel stronger and more energetic, back and neck pain erased. The best reward for strengthening your core is that it will eventually just take over. You’ll no longer need to remind yourself to sit up straight or lift smart. Strengthening these muscles powers your posture and alignment all day long, automatically.

Next read our simple ways to strengthen your core, including tips for using your balance ball.

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