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CoSchedule Review

Do you ever wonder how businesses manage to keep up with all of their posts on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, and Google+? Have you ever wondered how new products and new sales get coordinated between websites and social media?

Here at IdealShape, we use a tool called CoSchedule to make it all happen at the right time.


CoSchedule is a calendar made primarily for marketing that allows you to schedule blog content and social media all in the same place. There’s even an option for scheduling whole teams of people and their work, which is what we need at IdealShape! Once you get things set up (which is really easy, by the way), CoSchedule can post things for you at times that you select in advance. If you have a busy business (or even just a busy family!) it’s a fantastic organizational tool.

Best of all? Everything works by super simple drag-and-drop. Check it out:

See how CoSchedule coordinates your blog posts with all of your social media messages on a single page? Pretty amazing!

If you’re wondering what CoSchedule has to do with weight loss and fitness, well… not much, honestly. If you were really organized, you could create the most epic long-term meal plan the world has ever seen, but we have yet to see anyone do it! Bottom line: we love this tool at IdealShape, and we’re getting a discount on our big Team Calendar by writing a quick review of CoSchedule today.


CoSchedule works primarily through WordPress to save you a ton of time on your marketing strategy. It helps you grow traffic to your site by letting you schedule social media content while you blog. Instead of publishing your post and then dashing over to a bunch of social media platforms to promote it, the CoSchedule WordPress plugin does all of that for you! You can see how this works in the video above: you can align posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. right there in WordPress, and they go out on schedule after your blog post goes live.

If you use Evernote or Google Docs for producing content or taking notes, CoSchedule connects with them, too. It even converts these formats to WordPress for quick and easy posting. And if you use Google Analytics to track web traffic, you guessed it: CoSchedule will integrate Google Analytics as well! Talk about keeping things simple.

Then it all appears in your calendar, color coded and laid out in a neat timeline. This means that you can see everything you have scheduled for the next week or month, giving you a visual of your marketing strategy and making it easy to see what you might be missing and where you’re going soon.


All of our teams at IdealShape use CoSchedule to make sure that our blog content, our marketing, and our social media messages are coordinated, so that what YOU see makes sense! Using a scheduling system to manage our workflow saves us time that we can spend working on our products, our workouts, and everything else that you expect to see from IdealShape.

And that’s how we make it all happen! Thanks, CoSchedule.

Katharine Stevenson

Katharine Stevenson

Writer and expert

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